Sage X3 Mobile Automation FAQs

Sage X3 Mobile Automation drives manufacturing and distribution operations efficiencies through increased site productivity. Below we provide questions and answers to help you understand what Sage X3 Mobile Automation can do for your business.

1. What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is Sage’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for mid to large enterprises. It’s especially suited to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, food and beverage, services and chemical companies.

2. What is Sage X3 Mobile Automation?

Sage X3 Mobile Automation replaces Sage X3 Automated Data Collection (ADC) (see question 3) and includes updated capabilities.

Sage X3 Mobile Automation allows users on a handheld device to connect to Sage X3 while being mobile in the warehouse or production shop floor. This helps customers to increase productivity with streamlined processes, guided steps and dynamic fields/settings that reduce pain points for the operator and benefit the whole site’s efficiency.

3. What is the difference between Sage X3 Mobile Automation and Sage X3 ADC?

The difference between Sage X3 Mobile Automation and Sage X3 ADC is that with Sage X3 Mobile Automation you can use any handheld device, as long as it has got the right configuration. This includes ‘traditional’ handheld scanners (designed to be completely sealed within a durable housing to protect it against damage) and mobile devices embedded with scanners.

In addition, Sage X3 Mobile Automation has been designed with many pre-built workflows.

4. What is the difference between Sage X3 Mobile Automation and Sage X3 Mobile ERP?

There is no specific Sage X3 Mobile ERP, as you can already access the full functionality of the Sage X3 ERP system anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Sage X3 Mobile Automation is the module that extends Sage X3 onto the shop floor and into the warehouse to automatically collect data, which communicates directly with Sage X3 manufacturing, distribution and accounting functions for the seamless and secure processing of wide-ranging production and warehouse business transactions.

5. Is Sage X3 Mobile Automation just for warehouse operations?

No, it’s not. It covers warehouse and production transactions, helping to extend real-time visibility across your distribution and manufacturing operations.

6. Why do we need mobile automation?

Automatically collecting data allows you to view data in real-time and without the risk of manual data entry errors. This will help to improve your business processes, especially if you are currently manually collecting and entering data into the system.

7. What does Sage X3 Mobile Automation include?

To name a few features:

  • 25 transaction scenarios, and multiple ‘Shop Floor Tracking’ scenarios, with improved user journey and functionality for distribution operations
  • An adaptative interface to render the view for a better user experience. Using a handheld scanner, the user can view the website with the same visual comfort as on a tablet or a desktop, without having to zoom or scroll horizontally improving the user experience and performance
  • Workflow and ‘Management by Exception’ capabilities to drive efficiency

8. What are the benefits of Sage X3 Mobile Automation?

  • Increase productivity through faster put-away and picking times
  • Real-time information without keying errors from the warehouse and shop floor
  • Verify data before it is posted into Sage X3
  • Accurate inventory counts resulting in lower carrying costs and fewer inventory errors
  • Reduced overhead by accommodating higher data volumes with fewer errors

9. How do I get to see Mobile Automation for Sage X3 in action?

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. We would be delighted to set up a demonstration of Sage X3 with Mobile Automation to suit your unique requirements.

Check out theSage X3 Mobile Automation Comparison Versus Old ADC datasheet to discover more benefits and key features of Sage X3 Mobile Automation.

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