Sage X3 solutions

Sage X3 solutions are particularly suited to manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, food & beverages and services industries.

Sage X3 for manufacturing

Sage X3 Manufacturing provides both discrete and process manufacturing functionality that enables real-time information to help a plant run efficiently and around the clock, focusing on minimising wastage, maximising profitability and clear progress tracking.

Sage X3 manufacturing plant
Warehouse depicting Sage X3 distribution ERP premises

Sage X3 for distribution

Sage X3 Distribution includes full integration of sales, stock, purchasing and finance within a single solution: ‘one version of the truth’. It provides visibility of inventory, in multiple sites and locations, allowing you to control costs and quantities at all stages and provide outstanding service to your customers.

Sage X3 for food and beverages

Sage X3 is the solution of choice to grow a lean, agile food and beverage organisation. It has inbuilt industry-specific capabilities such as recipe management, quality control, regulatory compliance and lot tracking.

Vegetables being processed representing erp for food and beverage industry
Blue barrels suggesting concept of sage x3 chemical ERP

Sage X3 for chemicals

Whether you’re a private-label, co-packer or produce your own line of residential, commercial or industrial specialty chemical products; Sage X3 helps to support your unique business needs with accurate stock visibility at all stages, detailed traceability and lot attribute management as standard.

Sage X3 for services

Sage X3 for services businesses includes service and contract management and project-related capabilities. It helps you successfully manage your entire project and post-sale lifecycle so you can focus on delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

Handshake representing enterprise resource erp X3 Solutions
sage x3 pharmaceutical

Sage X3 for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sage X3 helps pharmaceutical companies to deliver quality products that comply with complex, ever-changing industry regulations as well as easily managing, and revising formulas.

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