Meet the team of Sage X3 consultants and professionals

Many Inixion employees were end users of Sage X3 and previously worked in the industries we serve.

We bring together a team of certified Sage X3 consultants and exceptional business professionals to help your business transform.

Inixion management team

Ian Bromley - Inixion Managing DirectorIan Bromley - Inixion Managing Director - Photography

Ian Bromley

Managing Director

Greg Hackney - Inixion Sales and Marketing DirectorGreg Hackney - Inixion Sales and Marketing Director - Cars

Greg Hackney

Sales and Marketing Director

Andrew Cairns - Inixion Operations DirectorAndrew Cairns - Inixion Operations Director - Surfing

Andrew Cairns

Operations Director

Lindsay Ross - Inixion Marketing ManagerLindsay Ross - Inixion Marketing Manager - Kayaking

Lindsay Ross

Marketing Manager

David McCallum - Inixion Customer Service ManagerDavid McCallum - Inixion Customer Service Manager - Horses

David McCallum

Customer Service Manager

Get to know Inixion

Our people are what make Inixion the professional and fun-loving company it is. With zero employee attrition since its inception in 2006, we are proud of our committed, exceptional team.

Discover our employee spotlight series to find out more about the Inixion family.

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What we do

Inixion specialises in Sage X3 only, meaning we do one thing, better.

We do all things Sage X3 in both the UK and USA, including implementation and support, upgrades, development, training and consultancy.

Would you like to join our team?

From time to time, we are on the lookout for individuals who have relevant expertise in the business management system and ERP solutions industry. Knowledge of Sage X3 at any level is a distinct advantage.

We offer competitive salaries and packages to attract and retain the highest calibre of individual; come and talk to us about why you think you fit the bill to work at Inixion and what your package could include to join us.

Why work with us?

Lifetime partner

If you’re looking for a business management system partner, then Inixion would like to meet you. With zero-failed projects, our customers have partnered with us to gain a competitive edge and many for the lifetime of their project.

Sage X3 focus

Inixion’s sole focus is on Sage X3. This means we know the intricacies of Sage X3 and the nuances of the industries we serve.

Unrivalled knowledge

Many of our Sage X3 team were once end-users of Sage X3 and worked in manufacturing and distribution businesses. We apply our unique dual knowledge and experience to your business to help you thrive and succeed.