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Sage 1000 End-of-Life (EOL)

Thinking of moving to Sage X3? Discover how in our Sage 1000/500 EOL hub.

Sage 1000 and 500 End-of-Life dates

Sage 1000/500 EOL

With only six months left until Sage 1000/500 reaches End-of-Life (EOL) – 31st December 2024, you might have reached a point where you are considering options for a new ERP system. For many businesses, Sage 500 or Sage 1000 performed exactly the way you wanted them to when you first implemented them in your business. However, as your business grows, you often need more sophisticated functionality.

Protect your business from unnecessary risks

When Sage 1000/500 is no longer supported, it puts your business at risk. Not having access to critical security updates creates security vulnerabilities and no more security fixes being issued means that your applications are a minefield of security hazards. For this reason alone, you should act as soon as possible. We recommend that rather than waiting for issues to arise, start your new ERP journey and those conversations now, keeping in mind future business goals and growth targets.

If you’re considering moving to Sage X3 from Sage 1000 or 500, get in touch with us. We’re a UK and North American partner with the experience to assist you in all things Sage X3.

Staying on Sage – Move to Sage X3 from Sage 1000 or Sage 500

With the EOL deadline looming (31st December 20204), you need to prepare and look into options for migrating to other ERP solutions, like Sage X3. As a current user of Sage, you will be aware of the many powerful capabilities of Sage solutions, and most probably, comfortable and familiar with its functionality. Why not explore Sage X3? Sage’s enterprise-wide ERP system.

Before you dive into the resources below, it’s also important to note, that there are no specific ‘upgrade’ paths from Sage 500 or 1000 to Sage X3. A project to ‘upgrade’ will be a new Sage X3 implementation.

Explore our Sage X3 resources below, including a handy guide outlining your options for moving from Sage 1000 or 5000 to Sage X3.

What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is an Enterprise Resource Planning System that transforms how you manage operations, processes, projects, services and supply chains, allowing you to build resilience into your business and respond faster to changing customer demands.

It’s ‘multi-everything’- multi-site, multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-legislation.

It can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, giving you flexibility and control over your IT strategy and business needs.

Sage X3 industries

Sage X3 capabilities

Sage 1000/500 EOL hub

With Sage 500 and Sage 1000 reaching end-of-support on 31st December 2024, you may be considering options. discover our resources below, designed to help you consider your options for a new ERP system.

It’s time to upgrade Sage 500/1000 guide

End-of-life timelines for Sage 500/1000 and upgrade benefits for Sage X3.

Have you outgrown your current Sage solution?

Discover why your next move should be Sage X3 ERP system.

Signs it’s time to replace your ERP system

Includes six real life case studies featuring Sage X3.

Selecting the right Sage X3 support partner guide

Discover what you should look for from a new Sage X3 partner.

Sage X3 FAQs

How can Sage X3 improve business efficiency?2024-04-03T09:59:01+00:00

Sage X3 can improve business efficiency by streamlining operations and processes, and delivering up-to-date data; allowing for more effective management of the entire business, from supply chain to sales.

How does Sage X3 provide a flexible ERP solution that grows with the business?2024-04-03T09:57:06+00:00

Through a flexible licencing model, including subscription and different user licence options, Sage X3 offers a flexible ERP solution that can adapt and scale with the business’s needs and growth. This ensures that the software can accommodate changes and expansions in the business without requiring a complete overhaul or replacement.

Can Sage X3 handle complex business processes such as process and discrete manufacturing?2024-04-03T09:54:25+00:00

Yes, Sage X3 can manage complex business processes, including process and discrete manufacturing. It provides tools and functionalities specifically designed to handle the intricacies of these manufacturing processes.

How can I contact Inixion, UK and North America Sage X3 ERP specialists?2024-04-03T09:52:55+00:00

To contact Inixion, you have several options:

1. Phone: You can reach Inixion by calling +44 (0) 333 800 3606. This number will connect you to their team, who can provide guidance and support regarding Sage X3.

2. Email: If you prefer to communicate via email, you can reach out to Inixion at Whether you have queries about Sage X3, or you’d like to schedule a consultation call, meeting or demonstration, the Inixion team is ready to assist you.

Please note that Inixion serves customers throughout the UK and North America, so regardless of your location, we are here to help you with your Sage X3 needs.

What are the features and modules of Sage X3?2024-04-03T09:35:07+00:00

Sage X3 boasts a range of robust features and modules that cater to various aspects of business management and operations. Here is an overview of these key functionalities:

1. Core financials module: At the heart of Sage X3 lies its core financials module, which acts as a central hub for all other modules. It enables accurate and real-time global visibility, accommodating local operational requirements. This includes features such as budgeting, accounting, fixed assets management, and financial reporting.

2. Production management: Sage X3 streamlines manufacturing processes by offering comprehensive production management tools. It simplifies BOM (Bill of Materials) planning, facilitates shop floor data capture, ensures quality control, and aids in project management. These features enable businesses to bring products to market swiftly and efficiently.

3. Supply chain management: To effectively manage inventory and meet demand, Sage X3 provides real-time monitoring of inventory status. This module encompasses essential features like purchasing, inventory management, sales management, and customer service. By optimising efficiency and improving inventory control, businesses can enhance their overall supply chain management.

4. Reporting and dashboards: For data-driven decision-making, Sage X3 includes robust reporting and dashboard features. This enables businesses to track key performance indicators, generate detailed reports, and visualise data through intuitive dashboards. Such insights provide a comprehensive overview of business operations, facilitating informed decision-making processes.

5. Global management: Sage X3 caters to businesses operating globally by offering features specifically designed to manage multi-country operations. These functionalities embrace multi-legislation and languages, ensuring compliance across international boundaries. This “multi-everything” enables smoother operations for organisations with a global footprint.

In summary, Sage X3 encompasses an extensive range of features and modules, including core financials, production management, supply chain management, employee expense management, reporting and dashboards, global management, and manufacturing management. These functionalities cater to different facets of business management, enabling organisations to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions.

Does Inixion also work in the USA/Canada?2023-10-13T11:49:56+00:00

We are a fully accredited Sage North America partner and experts in international implementations of Sage X3. Many of our customers are in North America and are supported by our team in the UK. Moreover, we proudly assist many of our customers with their global subsidiaries, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

What modules are available in Sage X3?2023-09-07T10:16:31+00:00

There are three core platforms: Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution. Download our Sage X3 capabilities guide which tells you everything you need to know about Sage X3 including full functionality.

How is Sage X3 deployed?2023-08-21T08:57:55+00:00

Depending on your preference, Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as a hosted solution. However deployed, access is through a standard (HTML 5 compatible – such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) Internet browser.

How is Sage X3 licensed?2023-08-21T08:57:21+00:00

Sage X3 is highly configurable and flexible. Whether you deploy the system on-premises or in the cloud, Sage X3 licensing is subscription pricing based—no more capital expenditure and reducing your ROI timeline.

What are some of the key benefits of using Sage X3?2023-08-31T13:17:11+00:00

Businesses that adopt Sage X3 see measurable benefits, including:

  • Targeted business growth via streamlined operations
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction via quicker response times and instant access to customer information
  • Operational efficiency via eliminating redundant and manual data entry errors with integrated core functionality
  • Closer relationships with stakeholders, including customers, vendors, and employees, via better supply chain management
What are the core functional areas Sage X3 supports?2023-08-21T08:56:44+00:00

Sage X3 supports accounting and finance, reporting, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution, manufacturing and sales and customer management.

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