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Sage X3 for manufacturing businesses

An ERP system for medium to large manufacturers.

Would visibility into supply chain activity and deeper insights into production costs help your manufacturing business grow?

Global supply chain disruption, rapid technological evolution, and changing buying and selling habits have meant that manufacturers have had to deal with some rapid and radical changes over the past couple of years. Consumer demand continues to outpace manufacturers’ abilities to produce goods and distributors’ abilities to deliver them. Manufacturers are struggling to ramp up capacity because they’re suffering from product and shipping delays. Finished products are also filling up at ports and warehouses, and there is a lack of drivers to transport goods, which is contributing to higher freight costs.

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How does Sage X3 help?

The good news is that an industry-specific manufacturing ERP solution, like Sage X3, helps manufacturers mitigate these challenges, giving them control over global operations with better insight into supply chains, quality and costs. With Sage X3 you can:

  • Minimise over-production by aligning production, purchasing and logistics
  • Avoid inventory issues with demand planning and modelling tools to support Just-in-Time (JIT) production
  • Solve transport problems by timing production and logistics, so businesses do not have to move goods from one place to another

  • Prevent over-processing through the creation of a Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Wipeout defects by seeing where the deviations are and stop them at the source

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Sage X3 for manufacturing guide

Sage X3 manufacturing module guide

Attract new customers, increase profits and stay ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing ERP Checklist Guide

Manufacturing ERP selection checklist

Select the right manufacturing ERP for your industry-specific needs.

Powerful capabilities for manufacturing

Whether you’re processing, assembling or making goods to order, you’ll require control and visibility across all aspects of the manufacturing process. From managing back-to-back Sales to Works Orders, single or multi-level Bill of Materials Works Orders, to gaining efficiency on the shop floor with maximum quality control; you can manage successful projects and increase collaboration.

Sage X3 provides both discrete and process manufacturing functionality that enables real-time information to help a manufacturing plant run efficiently and around the clock, focusing on maximising profitability.

  • Make-to-stock
  • Make-to-order or project manufacture by ‘batch or process’
  • ‘Discrete’ manufacturing
  • Technical data setup
  • Replenishment and planning rules
  • Master Planning Schedule (MPS), Material Resource Planning (MRP) scheduling
  • Workplan and manufacturing analysis
  • Interactive capacity planning
  • Variety of material tracking methods
  • Cost accounting
  • Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings

FAQs – manufacturing

What is Sage X3 Manufacturing?2023-09-06T13:52:30+00:00

Sage X3 Manufacturing is one of the three core Sage X3 platforms, the other two being Sage X3 Distribution and Sage X3 Finance; Sage X3 Manufacturing, as well as providing the manufacturing functionality, also incorporates the functionality from the distribution and finance platforms – providing a holistic Business Management Solution. 

The Sage X3 for manufacturing ERP system is specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, providing advanced functionality for manufacturing-specific needs. It helps manufacturers achieve process and product consistency across varied operations and gain real-time visibility and operational control across their global supply chain.

Access our Sage X3 Manufacturing product guide for more information.

How is the Sage X3 Manufacturing licensed?2023-08-31T13:30:07+00:00

Licensing for Sage X3, irrespective of the core platform, is subscription-based; with different license costs depending on what additional modules and user licensing are required – enabling a tailored solution, based on standard licensing, to be formed. The Sage X3 Manufacturing platform also includes the functionality delivered through the Sage X3 Distribution and Finance platforms.

Can I link Sage X3 Manufacturing to my warehouse management system?2023-09-06T13:23:32+00:00

Sage X3 provides extensive integration capability to enable links to many third-party solutions including warehouse management systems. Sage X3 has a complementary Warehouse Management system available with close pre-built integration to Sage X3: Datalinx Warehouse Manager.

What are the deployment options for Sage X3?2023-07-31T11:44:50+00:00

Depending on your preference, Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as a hosted solution. However deployed, access is through a standard (HTML 5 compatible – such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) Internet browser.

Does Inixion also work in the USA/Canada?2023-10-13T11:49:56+00:00

We are a fully accredited Sage North America partner and experts in international implementations of Sage X3. Many of our customers are in North America and are supported by our team in the UK. Moreover, we proudly assist many of our customers with their global subsidiaries, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

Why work with us?

Lifetime partner

If you’re looking for a business management system partner, then Inixion would like to meet you. With zero-failed projects, our customers have partnered with us to gain a competitive edge and many for the lifetime of their project.

Sage X3 focus

Inixion’s sole focus is on Sage X3. This means we know the intricacies of Sage X3 and the nuances of the industries we serve.

Unrivalled knowledge

Many of our Sage X3 team were once end-users of Sage X3 and worked in manufacturing and distribution businesses. We apply our unique dual knowledge and experience to your business to help you thrive and succeed.

Would you like to learn more about Sage X3?

If you would like to learn more about Sage X3 and how it will benefit your manufacturing business, or you would like to book a demo, then get in touch today.

Check out our Sage X3 industry-specific solutions

Check out our Sage X3 industry-specific solutions


Gain visibility into supply chain activity and deeper insights into production costs.

Distribution and wholesale

Gain real-time visibility of inventory across multiple sites and locations.

Food and beverages

Minimise waste, streamline compliance and achieve greater product consistency.

Service businesses

Simplify complex project management and service delivery requirements.


Streamline operations and bring products to market quicker and cheaper.

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