Sage X3 for chemical and pharmaceutical businesses2024-07-16T10:28:50+00:00

Sage X3 for chemical businesses.

A Chemical ERP system for medium to large chemical businesses.

Would streamlining operations and bringing products to market quicker and cheaper, all while navigating stringent compliance regulations help your business thrive in a highly competitive landscape?

Most chemical businesses goals are to thrive in a highly regulated and competitive market. However, to remain competent in this environment, manufacturers have to maintain an optimal balance between inventory investments, customer service and operating costs, while being innovative. They are constantly looking for specialised high-performance, sustainable solutions.

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How does a chemical ERP solution like Sage X3 help?

The good news is that an industry-specific chemical ERP solution, like Sage X3, helps chemical businesses to eliminate costly errors, improve efficiency and provide accurate, real-time information. With Sage X3 you can:

  • Easily manage multi-level chemical formulas

  • Gain reliable lot tracking to help minimise product recalls

  • Create Globally Harmonized System (GHS) safety data sheets

  • Enable flexible quality control management

  • Gain real-time inventory and financials

  • Enable mobile warehouse management

  • Get batch sizing and scaling capabilities

Sage X3 for Chemicals

Sage X3 for Formula Management

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Powerful capabilities for chemical businesses

Inixion has in-depth experience working with a wide variety of companies in the chemical industry that manufacture everything from chemicals and polymers to coatings and medical products.

Whether you’re a private-label, co-packer or produce your own line of residential, commercial or industrial speciality chemical products, Sage X3 helps to support your unique business needs.

  • Ongoing visibility to production performance, including yields. WIP status, and lot attribute tracking
  • Automatically convert unit measurements
  • Key KPI tracking including:
    • Yields/Reject/Scrap
    • Production Costs (energy, material, labour)
    • Downtime (planned/unplanned)
    • Profitability by product/customer
    • Return on assets
  • Get specific formula functionality with gravity calculations and decimal point precision for better unit
  • Multi-company/multi-site support
  • Consolidate data and reporting across worldwide locations
  • More accurate and granular costs of goods sold by customer
  • Integrated production schedule with integrated downtime scheduling/jobs
  • Create GHS-compliant safety data sheets
  • Store a multi-year historical record of transactions
  • Process multi-lingual data, incl. currency info and item names within a single system
  • Control IT costs by implementing a single instance, reducing licensing, maintenance, and support charges

From multi-level chemical formula management to managing complex pricing and commissions and distributors, Sage X3 will help your chemical business to survive and thrive. Sage X3 provides process manufacturing functionality that enables real-time information to help a manufacturing plant run efficiently and around the clock, focusing on maximising profitability.

FAQs – Sage X3 Chemicals

What capabilities does Sage X3 have that support chemical companies/pharmaceuticals?2023-09-06T14:39:19+00:00

Sage X3 is well-suited to chemical businesses and Inixion has several ‘chemical’ based customers. Some of the features Sage X3 offers chemical businesses are:

  • Mixed-mode manufacturing process planning
  • Formula/recipe and potency management
  • Extensive quality control and traceability of lots, sub-lots, ingredients and allergens
  • Forward/backward scheduling 
  • Stock status, shelf-life management and expiry tracking 
  • Distribution and packaging management

Access our Chemicals without Chaos guide for more information.

How is Sage X3 licensed?2023-08-21T08:40:33+00:00

Sage X3 is highly configurable and flexible. Whether you deploy the system on-premises or in the cloud, Sage X3 licensing is subscription pricing based—no more capital expenditure and reducing your ROI timeline.

What are the deployment options for Sage X3?2023-08-21T08:40:51+00:00

Depending on your preference, Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as a hosted solution. However deployed, access is through a standard (HTML 5 compatible – such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) Internet browser.

Does Inixion also work in the USA/Canada?2023-10-13T11:49:56+00:00

We are a fully accredited Sage North America partner and experts in international implementations of Sage X3. Many of our customers are in North America and are supported by our team in the UK. Moreover, we proudly assist many of our customers with their global subsidiaries, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

Why work with us?

Lifetime partner

If you’re looking for a business management system partner, then Inixion would like to meet you. With zero-failed projects, our customers have partnered with us to gain a competitive edge and many for the lifetime of their project.

Sage X3 focus

Inixion’s sole focus is on Sage X3. This means we know the intricacies of Sage X3 and the nuances of the industries we serve.

Unrivalled knowledge

Many of our Sage X3 team were once end-users of Sage X3 and worked in manufacturing and distribution businesses. We apply our unique dual knowledge and experience to your business to help you thrive and succeed.

Would you like to learn more about Sage X3 for chemicals?

If you would like to learn more about Sage X3 for chemicals and how it will benefit your chemicals business, or you would like to book a demo, then get in touch today.

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Check out our Sage X3 industry-specific solutions


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