UK-based pharmaceutical company implement Sage ERP System, Sage X3







Improved profitability and streamlined stock management with Sage ERP System, Sage X3

“We selected Sage X3 as the right functionality for our business and Inixion as the partner, with their exemplary knowledge and understanding of the Sage X3 system and a verified deployment method, to deliver it.”

Financial Director, Pharmaceutical business

Inventory and pricing issues due to legacy ERP systems

A pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor had been using a legacy accounting system to manage finance and a separate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage manufacturing and distribution. The incumbent systems had poor integration creating many challenges, from manual, error-prone processes to complex pricing structures and having to deal with surplus stock issues.

The company also found that the two disparate systems weren’t supporting the demands of their growth. In addition, the legacy accounting system was no longer being supported, so the business started looking for a new system to manage finance, distribution and manufacturing from a single, integrated ERP solution.

tablets in blister pack end product of Inixion customer of a Sage ERP System
medicine bottles on production line

One integrated system to manage inventory and minimise waste

The company collated internal process requirements across the business to ensure that the new system would integrate processes across the business. In addition, the company needed to streamline inventory management to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products while minimising waste and losses.

Sage X3 ERP from Inixion was selected, as it had the right functionality for their needs; and Inixion, with their outstanding knowledge and understanding of the Sage X3 system, would deliver it to their requirements to support future growth needs.

Transparency of stock levels

Inixion implemented Sage X3 in two stages to avoid business disruption and make the internal change control process more manageable.

Sage X3 replaced the incumbent ERP and accounting systems and provided the linking of department transactions via a single dataset, as well as seamless purchasing and inventory management, including full drill-down capability from any aspect of stock movement with transparency into stock replenishment levels, along with extensive reporting and analytical functionality.

Inixion used standard functionality and configuration of Sage X3 to deploy a complex costing model for the business.

Project delivered on time and within budget

The team enabled structured scoping, identification and provision of training needs and adherence to a manageable critical path. This ensured that the project was delivered on time, on budget and with zero downtime to the business.

Pile of blue pills
stock of pills depciting inventory management with a Sage ERP System

Improved profitability and stock visibility

The previously manual and cumbersome process of managing complex pricing between two disparate systems now happened seamlessly with Sage X3 enabling the company to improve profitability and reduce the need for manual intervention, leading to increased efficiency.

Surplus stock issues became a thing of the past with the use of the single integrated Sage X3 ERP system, making inventory management easier without the need for a manual drawn out and error-prone process, allowing the company to minimise waste and losses and increase profitability.

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