UK-based manufacturer upgrades to Sage X3 ERP solution for manufacturing







A reduction of 4 days per month spent on reporting with Sage X3 ERP solution for manufacturing

“Inixion provided a first-class solution to my problem and delivered the result on time and on budget. As a result of the project, I am now able to produce my management accounts in significantly less time than before, and my confidence in the numbers that are in the documents is significantly higher; I know the data is being pulled directly from the Sage X3 accounting modules.”

Managing Director, Manufacturer

Time-consuming business performance reporting

A leading manufacturer could no longer depend on the accuracy of its data to monitor business performance. They were one of the early adopters of Sage X3 and used an early version of the ERP, which had limitations in monitoring organisational performance. This meant they were using multiple Excel spreadsheets to report on company performance.

The Financial Director was concerned about the significant amount of time it took to produce the reports and the fact that data was keyed into Excel and then checked to ensure it was balanced, which meant that the final reports were always days behind.

Packing manufacturer, an Inixion erp solution for manufacturing customer
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Faster, real-time business reporting

In a fast-moving, competitive environment, company performance needs to be closely monitored to allow for growth and therefore the decision was made to upgrade to the latest version of Sage X3 to provide relevant business performance data in real-time.

Inixion was selected as their implementation partner because the company was impressed by Inixion’s understanding of manufacturing and business processes and extensive knowledge of Sage X3 – a combined total of 250+ years of Sage X3 experience.

Sage X3 to manage complex units of measurement and speed up reporting

As well as having limitations in performance monitoring and reporting, the original Sage X3 implementation had also been modified extensively, making it difficult and time-consuming to retrieve relevant data. The customer wanted the new version to be as simple as possible, to ensure that they could keep up with future upgrades to take advantage of new functionality. Sage X3 is a solution that is constantly being improved, so it was crucial to the company that its new Sage X3 system continued to grow with the business.

All the previous modifications were removed and Sage X3 was configured to deliver the information that the business needed to monitor performance across its manufacturing operation, giving them a much-needed single version of the truth.

All the Excel reports were replaced with a model in Sage X3 that provided the relevant data across the business in real-time.

In addition, the complexity of changed units of measure meant that they needed the latest version of Sage X3 to easily handle the complexities of manufacturing and inventory.

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A reduction of 4 days per month spent on reporting

The Sage X3 ERP system became integral to the organisation’s day-to-day business, providing complete visibility and allowing them to make decisions based on real-time accurate data. The reduction of 4 days per month spent on reporting enabled staff to concentrate on value-added tasks and provide the management team with accurate business-critical information quickly.

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