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Accelerating cash flow, automating stock management and improving customer service levels with Sage X3 ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

“We didn’t just need a new system – we also needed solutions partner we could work with, trust and build a lasting relationship. We found that with Inixion. The Inixion team helped and challenged us. They worked with us throughout the project and beyond, not just as a supplier, but as a real stakeholder.”

Managing Director, Distributor

Legacy ERP system and manual processes negatively affected cash flow and customer service levels

A distributor found that they couldn’t meet expected customer service levels across the business due to its legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system had poor integration with other business-critical systems and modern applications.

To compound the issue, the company used complex pricing structures for many of its customers and the management of these was time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, the system wasn’t linked to the warehouse, so notification of despatched orders to the finance team was done manually. These issues resulted in delayed invoicing which negatively affected cash flow into the business.

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An integrated system and partner who specialised in ERP for distribution businesses

The company needed a system that would integrate with other business units, such as warehousing and finance; to reduce delays in invoicing, accelerate cash flow and improve customer service levels.

In addition, the system would need to support easy management of multi-currency and complexities, such as multiple discount structures. Another key requirement of the system was to enable the storage and easy retrieval of product images that linked to product data to provide in-depth information to their customers.

The organisation looked for a system and partner who were compatible with their needs and who understood the way the distribution industry and their business worked. Both the system and partner needed to be flexible to keep up with changes and growth in their business. They also required a ‘one-stop-shop’ from a partner to provide implementation, consultancy, training and ongoing services and support.

Sage X3 ERP from Inixion was selected from five different systems, as the company felt both Sage X3 and Inixion, who have vast experience in the distribution industry, would transform their business and support future growth needs.

Seamless integration across business units and transparency of stock levels

Sage X3 replaced the legacy ERP system and provided the much-needed integration of data between business units such as the warehouse and finance. Sage X3 also interfaced with web and e-commerce sites as well as with Microsoft Office and other applications.

Sage X3 enabled full drill-down capability from any aspect of stock movement with transparency into stock replenishment levels, along with extensive reporting and analytical functionality.

Project delivered on time and within budget

Not only was the entire project delivered on time and within budget, but it also satisfied the key requirements of the management team by providing a solid platform for the future.

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Acceleration of cashflow and immediate increase in customer service levels

Whilst customers were not aware that the company had changed systems, service levels improved immediately. Due to the richness of information in the system, the company was able to respond to customers’ needs much more quickly. The previously cumbersome process of providing personalised price lists now happened at the push of a button. This functionality was delivered out of the box without the need for bespoke work.

The business could find relevant information more reliably and quicker than before and they could deliver improved service levels with fewer resources.

Automation of notifications between the warehouse and finance was also enabled. Through the integration of warehouse operations into Sage X3, the warehouse staff were able to easily notify when goods were despatched, speeding up the invoicing process, which accelerated and improved cash flow into the business.

With Sage X3, the distributor expected to drive further cost savings and performance improvements in the future.

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