Sage X3 ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing

An ERP system for medium to large pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Enhance quality assurance, streamline rapid product turnover, ensure regulatory compliance, handle intricate formulations, and beyond.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry stands out from the rest due to its zero-margin for error. Timely product launches can make a life-saving difference. Precision is key in every step of the supply chain, from conception to distribution, with even the slightest mistake having severe repercussions.

To ensure top quality that adheres to strict industry standards, pharmaceutical companies must adopt cutting-edge technologies like Sage X3 ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing – an Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

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How does Sage X3 help?

Fortunately, an industry-tailored pharmaceutical ERP solution such as Sage X3 empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to conquer numerous hurdles to success and navigate a multitude of intricate challenges. With Sage X3, you can:

  • Manage quality control and ensure you’re delivering the same quality product each time

  • Easily manage and revise formulas. Track the lot number of each ingredient as well as lot numbers for ingredients used to make ingredients

  • Effortlessly manage compliance by assigning tasks to individuals and using built-in forms and predefined workflows

  • Use MRP and production scheduling to manage capacities, lead times on ingredients, predicted demand, and more

  • Easily track product vendors, set up vendor cross-referencing for products, and track lead times and vendor pricing variations

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Improved profitability and streamlined stock management with Sage X3.

Sage X3 Distribution ERP Module Guide

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Improve quality control, manage short product lifecycles, support FDA compliance, and more.

Distribution without disruption

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Powerful capabilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a 360° view of their business operations from internal traceability of all materials to external visibility for the entire supply chain, to ensure flexibility, deliver constant innovation and meet compliance and quality needs.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers require an ERP system that can accurately monitor the entire business and supply chain with the same level of detail required throughout the medical industry. Sage X3 ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing is particularly suited to the nuances of this sector.

  • Compliance management
  • Inventory management by physical location, the lot (batch) and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and more
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Master Planning Schedule (MPS), Material Resource Planning (MRP) scheduling
  • Financial management
  • Workplan and manufacturing analysis
  • Interactive capacity planning
  • Variety of material tracking methods
  • Complex stock allocation methodologies

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Check out our Sage X3 industry-specific solutions

Check out our Sage X3 industry-specific solutions


Gain visibility into supply chain activity and deeper insights into production costs.

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Gain real-time visibility of inventory across multiple sites and locations.

Food and beverages

Minimise waste, streamline compliance and achieve greater product consistency.

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Simplify complex project management and service delivery requirements.


Streamline operations and bring products to market quicker and cheaper.