5 questions to consider when selecting a manufacturing ERP

When selecting a new manufacturing ERP system, there are some essential questions to consider.

Global supply chain disruption, rapid technological evolution, and changing buying and selling habits have meant that manufacturers have had to deal with some rapid and radical changes over the

past couple of years. As a result of these challenges and in a bid to optimise operations, improve customer service, and build resilience in their supply chains, manufacturers are increasingly relying on manufacturing-specific ERP systems to run multiple aspects of their organisation.

The right manufacturing ERP system gives your key decision-makers a holistic view of business – increasing productivity and helping accelerate compliance, integration and growth with better insight into costs and margins. Truly innovative manufacturing ERP software supports enterprise growth by automating more processes as your business expands, providing greater control over complex operations and keeping overhead costs low.

Selecting the right manufacturing ERP and finance system is an important decision and it’s vital that you choose your system wisely. Many manufacturing ERP systems offer similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what’s important and what’s not.

Start by asking these five essential questions about a potential manufacturing ERP solution:

  1. Productivity – Does it improve productivity and processes?
  2. Functionality – Does it perform the daily manufacturing, finance and business management functions needed?
  3. Technology – Does it leverage technology for usability, accessibility, customizability and maintainability?
  4. Value – Does it maximise features and functions vs. cost for the usable lifetime of the product?
  5. Risk – Does it minimise risk and facilitate security?

We have put together a comprehensive manufacturing ERP selection checklist for manufacturers. The checklist highlights these five critical categories and dives into lots of detailed criteria to help you select the right ERP system with the right industry-specific functionality.

The journey of choosing the right manufacturing ERP for your organisation can take weeks or months, but by utilising this checklist, you can choose the right ERP partner to guarantee the successful implementation of your ERP system.

Download the ‘Manufacturing ERP selection checklist‘ to help you choose the right manufacturing ERP system.

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