Taylor Wimpey Logistics constructs its future with Sage ERP X3 and Inixion

Inixion is pleased to announce today that Taylor Wimpey has selected Sage ERP X3 to be delivered by Inixion for the Taylor Wimpey Logistics division.

Taylor Wimpey UK, part of Taylor Wimpey plc, is one of the largest residential developers in the UK, developing new homes and communities across the country.

Taylor Wimpey UK

Taylor Wimpey operates from 24 regional offices across England, Scotland and Wales and builds over 12,000 homes each year. Taylor Wimpey is a responsible homebuilder who is committed to health and safety, and environmental sustainability, providing excellent customer service and engaging with local communities.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics sources bulk materials directly from manufacturers to prepare ‘just in time’ delivery of ‘build packs’ for each stage of the building process at a range of Taylor Wimpey sites in various stages of development around the country.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics also operates a business that specialises in organising bulk products being delivered to the site as required by either the housebuilders themselves or the appointed subcontractor – this operation provides the opportunity for contractors to enjoy the benefits of purchasing strategies and scale.

The Requirement:

Project orientated:

Taylor Wimpey has a number of development sites around the country; each site is built in accordance with the local community and as a result, the plots and build requirements may be unique. This scenario must translate to the ERP solution to enable simple yet detailed tracking of transactions at any level.

Materials Scheduling: Build Packs

Build Packs; Bulk materials sourced directly from manufacturers for each stage of the building process, are scheduled by the experienced Taylor Wimpey Logistics team from drawings and specifications supplied for each individual plot. It is vital that the ERP solution enables tracking and ‘transaction’ by Build Pack: products are quantified and placed into the appropriate pack dependent upon the type and method of build and, very often, must reflect any particular needs or constraints of a particular development.

Demand-based Integrated Purchasing and Financial Management:

Taylor Wimpey Logistics provides an important building materials supply service to Taylor Wimpey sites. Their service improves stock management, consistency of supply and quality. They provide consolidated ordering, delivery and billing substantially reducing end-to-end costs. In order to manage demand planning build pack schedules need to drive purchasing suggestions from the ERP solution as well as provide an integrated and traceable process. Underpinning all of this, clear financial management and reporting is vital.

The Journey to Sage ERP X3 and Inixion:
Taylor Wimpey wanted to improve their existing systems and also introduce a more up-to-date warehouse management solution that was fully integrated.

Their project first identified potential solutions with the capability to offer the above core requirements before inviting selected vendors to partake in a formal Request for Proposal process. Following further discussions and demonstrations, just two potential offerings were shortlisted; leading to more detailed workshops before Taylor Wimpey announced one vendor and solution as their preferred. This vendor was then required to work with Taylor Wimpey Logistics on a pre-contract pilot.
With the pilot culminating in both success and satisfying the Taylor Wimpey criteria, Taylor Wimpey formally selected Sage ERP X3 to be implemented and supported by certified Sage Partner Inixion.

Taylor Wimpey selected Sage ERP X3 to be implemented and supported by certified Sage Partner Inixion.

“It’s fair to say that Inixion surprised us on more than one occasion during our selection process. From our first meeting, it was clear that despite having only limited knowledge at that time of Taylor Wimpey, Inixion had done their homework and showed us that Sage ERP X3 was a very capable solution. We are looking forward to the improvements that Sage ERP X3 and Inixion will bring to Taylor Wimpey Logistics. ”

Gillian Thompson, Group Business Systems Director, Taylor Wimpey plc.

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