Inixion Reveal Success After Unique Event With Sage X3 And Avon Rubber

On 16th September 2014 Inixion joined forces with Sage ERP X3 in a truly unique experience at one of their global customers, Avon Rubber.

The event, held at the Avon Rubber Headquarters in Melksham – Wiltshire, allowed stakeholders and decision makers from the diverse manufacturing and distribution companies attending, a transparent look at the Sage ERP X3 platform. Avon Rubber shared with the audience the key learnings from their product selection, implementation and project roll-out, highlighting the dos and don’ts, and sharing their own recommendations for a successful project.

Christophe Vanackere, COO, Sage ERP X3 observed;

“This event presented us with the perfect opportunity to meet with mid-sized companies. With the assistance of Avon Rubber and our strategic partner Inixion, we were able to provide insight and advice; we’ve already had great feedback from the audience on the value of the experience and the Sage ERP X3 global solution.”

Ian Bromley, Managing Director of Inixion commented;

“It’s really important before embarking on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation to have covered all the ground work and to work through the ‘gotchas’ before they appear. This event has been so valuable to all those that have attended to get a real ‘behind the scenes’ experience.”

Kirsten McGeoch, an IT Service Delivery Manager who attended the event remarked;

“My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed the Sage ERPx3 demonstration by Inixion and Sage. Seeing the systems working in a live manufacturing environment at Avon Rubber and hearing more about the working relationship between Avon Rubber and Inixion which enabled the smooth implementation was very beneficial, particularly the effective relationship that both parties had with Sage and the way that they worked closely with them to ensure the best outcome.”

The key message to the audience aside from the functionality of the software was the importance of trust and accessibility with the software vendor and implementation partner. Implementing a global solution can be an exciting but challenging prospect; you need to make sure that the partners you choose will hold your hand throughout.

Michael Depasquale, Group Enterprise Systems Manager for Avon Rubber PLC confirmed; “we chose Inixion based on their experience and vision of Sage ERP X3. They demonstrated that they wanted to engage with our global organisation and our people.”

He continued; “It’s important to me to trust our business partners and we have that relationship with Inixion, so much so, that they are still an integral part of our team.

Bromley concluded, “It’s with thanks to Avon Rubber that we were able to share this unique experience and allow all of these companies the opportunity to obtain the answers they needed to plan for success before they embark on their own ERP projects.”

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