Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance features and benefits

In today’s fast-paced business world, manufacturers need to maximise the efficiency of their equipment for a solid return on investment (ROI). One effective way to achieve this is by implementing a cutting-edge software solution that offers enhanced visibility into operations and maintenance.

With Sage X3’s new Preventive Maintenance solution, you can strategically plan and execute maintenance tasks for your organisation’s physical assets. This innovative solution is designed to streamline processes, boost productivity, optimise inventory management, and ultimately lower purchasing expenses.

Seamless integration with Sage X3

One of the main advantages of Sage X3 Preventative Maintenance is its seamless integration with Sage X3, utilising standard features such as product management, costs, and technical sheets. Furthermore, it enhances these capabilities by incorporating maintenance tasks, necessary equipment, resources, and components, as well as generating job tickets for efficient work order management. This allows you to effectively monitor the workload in each work centre.

sage x3 preventive maintenance home screen

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance home screen

Let’s dive into some of the main features of Preventive Maintenance.

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance – Equipment Management

Incorporating comprehensive product and Bill of Materials (BOM) data into your maintenance procedures enables efficient tracking and scheduling of maintenance tasks, early detection of potential issues, and optimisation of equipment performance. By minimising downtime, preventing expensive repairs, and enhancing maintenance workflows, you can boost productivity and save costs effectively.

‘Equipment’ is categorised as a machine, like a work centre and/or asset. By defining these categories, you can establish the necessary regular maintenance required. This enables you to automatically generate job tickets and keep track of all maintenance activities.

sage x3 preventive maintenance equipment management

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance Equipment Management

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance Component List BOMP – Job Tickets

Resource Management

‘Resources’ consist of either groups or individual employees who can define the specific skills required and costs involved. This means manufacturers can efficiently plan and schedule maintenance tasks for equipment and resources. Furthermore, by leveraging the calendar feature, you can simplify the management of maintenance schedules, ensuring the timely completion of tasks and optimal resource utilisation. This level of organisation and foresight helps reduce downtime and boost productivity, ultimately leading to cost savings and increased profitability for your organisation.

sage x3 preventive maintenance resources management

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance Resource Management

Job Ticket Management

‘Job tickets’ are generated from maintenance tasks. Sage X3 Preventative Maintenance job ticket management classifies work orders into repair, replacement, or scheduled maintenance categories. Each ticket contains precise cause and remedy codes to identify issues and offer efficient solutions. Resources are allocated meticulously to each task, and material usage is monitored to enhance inventory levels and minimise procurement expenses.


sage x3 preventive maintenance job ticket management

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance Job Ticket Entry

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance Job Ticket Automatic Release

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance Task Management

By closely tracking labour hours, expenses, and the advancement of maintenance duties, manufacturers can pinpoint areas for enhancement, distribute resources efficiently, and strategically decide on how to enhance their maintenance procedures. This guarantees timely and cost-effective task completion while uncovering any obstacles or inefficiencies in their maintenance operations.

sage x3 preventive maintenance maintenance task management

Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance Task Management


Implementing Sage X3’s Preventive Maintenance solution can enhance operational efficiency, cut down on expenses, and boost overall profitability. By efficiently overseeing equipment, resources, job tickets, and maintenance tasks, manufacturers can streamline processes, minimise downtime, and optimise inventory levels.

Get in touch with us for more details on the benefits of Sage X3’s Preventive Maintenance solution. Alternatively, download the Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance datasheet to find out more about the features of this innovative solution.

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