Taylor Wimpey, ERP Software Case Study

UK-based supply chain logistics business of Taylor Wimpey.







Reduction of end-to-end costs with Sage X3 ERP Software

“It’s fair to say that Inixion surprised us on more than one occasion during our selection process. From our first meeting, it was clear that despite having only limited knowledge at that time of Taylor Wimpey, Inixion had done their homework and showed us that Sage X3 was a very capable solution.”

Gillian Thompson, Group Business Systems Director, Taylor Wimpey Logistics

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Taylor Wimpey Logistics, part of Taylor Wimpey UK, sources bulk materials for ‘just in time’ delivery for each stage of the building process at a range of Taylor Wimpey sites in development.

Risk to just-in-time deliveries due to labour-intensive processes

Taylor Wimpey Logistics sources bulk materials directly from manufacturers to prepare ‘just in time’ delivery of ‘build packs’ for each stage of the building process. ‘Build packs’ are delivered to a range of Taylor Wimpey sites in various stages of development around the country. Taylor Wimpey Logistics also operates a business that specialises in organising bulk products being delivered to a site as required by either the housebuilder themselves or the appointed subcontractor – this operation provides the opportunity for contractors to enjoy the benefits of purchasing strategies and scale. The processes used to deliver the build packs and pick orders were very labour-intensive, so the company looked to improve their existing systems, as well as introduce an integrated and more up-to-date warehouse management solution.

Taylor Wimpey Homes Showing Final Product Of An Inixion ERP Software Customer
Manager and workers in warehouse

One integrated system to manage purchasing and deliveries

Taylor Wimpey set up a project to identify potential solutions with the capability to offer picking and delivery of build packs, as well as bulk orders to each site. Through a tightly managed process, Sage X3 was selected and Inixion was appointed as their implementation partner.

Demand-based purchasing and clear financial management

Taylor Wimpey has several development sites around the country; each site is built in accordance with the local community and as a result, the plots and build requirements may be unique. Sage X3 provides simple yet detailed tracking of transactions to ensure the right packs and quantities are delivered to each site. Build Packs; bulk materials sourced directly from manufacturers for each stage of the building process, are scheduled by the experienced Taylor Wimpey Logistics team from drawings and specifications supplied for each plot. Sage X3 provides tracking and transaction by Build Pack: products are quantified, picked and placed into the appropriate pack dependent upon the type and method of build and must reflect the needs or constraints of a particular development. To manage demand planning of build pack schedules, Sage X3 drives purchasing suggestions and provides an integrated and traceable process with clear financial management and reporting.

Horizontal color image of female hands holding a digital tablet in a corridor of a distribution warehouse. Ordering online from a modern warehouse on a touchscreen tablet computer.
A team of people with fast access to inventory data on a handheld device

Reduction of end-to-end costs

Taylor Wimpey Logistics provides an important building materials supply service to Taylor Wimpey sites through demand-based integrated purchasing and financial management. Sage X3 is hard at work for Taylor Wimpey Logistics by providing integrated stock management with consolidated ordering, delivery and billing substantially reducing end-to-end costs. consistency of supply and quality.

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