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Access to consolidated data drives profitable growth with Sage X3 Enterprise Resource Planning Software

“The key thing that Inixion does, is that before any implementation is started, they have a key understanding of what every business unit did, what the key drivers were for that business how things were done and how best they could be done with Sage X3.”

John Bradley, Group Financial Controller, SIL Group

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SIL Holdings Group is a global business operating in almost every area concerned with the production and sale of fibres, yarns and fabric. They trade in luxury products using the finest cashmere, mohair, wools, silks and alpaca.

Lack of consolidated real-time data hampers decision-making

The integration of the many independently managed businesses and acquisitions was key to strategic development for SIL. Multiple unconnected (including Sage 50) and dated systems were in situ across the group companies with only spreadsheets to combine data, hampering the ability to produce sensible reporting and decision-making.

Spools of Yarn in inventory showing concise management with enterprise resource planning software
Table full of paper reports showing confusion before implementing an ERP System

A single consolidated system managing multiple units of measure

SIL needed a single system that could be implemented in each group company, whilst allowing the parent company to consolidate accounts in US dollars with divisional accounts in GBP. The company had some very specific needs in terms of stock. The group stock is in several forms. Fibre which is in large bales but is weighed in kilos, yarn which is in small boxes, which is also weighed in kilos and cloth which is in large rolls and is denominated in meters. In addition, the system needed to interface with their industry-specific TMS (Textile Manufacturing System) and provide business intelligence reporting.

A system that matches key drivers at each operating business and group level

SIL selected Sage X3 due to its ability to cover all requisite processes. It was deployed using all core modules; Inixion configured a single instance of Sage X3 for use by SIL’s different operating companies and divisions. Inixion also provided an interface to incorporate data from the TMS system into Sage X3, thus enabling consolidated reporting and effective Business Intelligence.

Rolls of different coloured cloth
Screen showing Real-time visibility across the business thanks to enterprise resource planning software

Real-time visibility across the business

The SIL Holdings management team are now empowered with access to consolidated real-time data, providing visibility across the business to allow the team to make decisions on growth.

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