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A sophisticated enterprise resource software solution,
Sage X3 is setting a trend

“Inixion helped us with phases of optimisation. Specifically embedding more of the ADC [Automated Data Capture] and scanning components into our manufacturing and warehouse function in the UK. The UK unit has probably become our most sophisticated, using the most of Sage X3’s capabilities and they have become a model, for the rest of the organisation.”

Nick Ariganello, Senior Director, Enterprise Applications, BioIVT

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BioIVT is a life science tools provider, providing bio-specimens to researchers in pharma, bio-tech and diagnostic companies, operating across the globe; with labs across the US, Belgium and the UK.

Finding a UK Sage X3 support partner

BioIVT has been using Sage X3 for approximately six years in the USA, supported by a USA Sage X3 partner. Sage X3 is the enterprise resource software tool that allows BioIVT to make sure that traceability can be maintained throughout its operations and quality control processes. With the acquisition of the UK business unit, BioIVT needed to bridge the 5-hour time gap between the USA team and the UK operation. They were also looking for specific expertise around taxation and the distribution of goods across Europe.

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A UK Sage X3 partner that act as an extension of the BioIVT team

BioIVT wanted to find a UK-based Sage X3 partner that would be an extension of both the BioIVT team and the finance team. They were looking for a partner who would get to know the UK operation and BioIVT people, so, from go-live in the UK, they would become the first port of call for support. Inixion matched that profile. Nick Ariganello, Senior Director, BioIVT Enterprise Applications, started the search, found Inixion and asked his ERP Manager for an opinion: “As luck would have it, he had worked with Inixion a decade earlier with a previous company. I think it spoke volumes of the fact that we had an employee that was already familiar with Inixion, but that the same people he had worked with many, many years ago were still with Inixion and were going to be working directly with us and our new implementation in the UK.”

Understanding the existing Sage X3 system and advising the team

Inixion first got to understand the BioIVT Sage X3 system before recommending specific processes, concepts and new functionality be deployed; based on the way BioIVT operates and the requirements in the UK and Europe. Nick Ariganello: “Once they learned how we had implemented the system and how we liked to use Sage X3, Inixion spent time on site with the local business unit, and it was pretty much “auto-pilot” from that point forward. They helped us understand migration; they helped us understand what our decision points were; they were incredibly patient, helping me understand some of the advanced concepts of Sage X3 and how they could be deployed and from there, it was ‘easy-peasy’.”

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A robust Sage X3 model for the rest of the organisation

Inixion helped BioIVT to migrate their UK operation to the required specific fiscal legislation, provided consultancy to assist with decision points in the project, and provided additional options with configuration and deployment of Sage X3 functionality to help BioIVT expand their Sage X3 system further. Nick continued: “Inixion helped us with phases of optimisation. Specifically embedding more of the Sage X3 ADC (Automated Data Capture) and scanning components into our manufacturing and warehouse function in the UK. The UK unit has probably become our most sophisticated in using most of Sage X3’s capabilities and has become almost a pilot or testing ground, even model, for the rest of the organisation.”

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