Sage X3 Service – The Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for managing service delivery, contracts, projects and processes.

Sage X3 Service is the service industry module in Sage X3. With comprehensive industry-specific capabilities, Sage X3 enables organisations to drive greater efficiencies, increase flexibility and have the insight needed to thrive and stay competitive in the face of growing complexity.

Sage X3 Service helps organisations to manage business services. Whether your business is geared toward service management or manufacturing, distribution or both, information from all departments is key to ensuring and maintaining high customer satisfaction. Real-time information is imperative to give you a competitive edge and this is how Sage X3 Service helps.

Sage X3 Service functionality includes contracts and warranty management, returns management, service and maintenance, project management and project traceability. Sage X3 Service also helps organisations to streamline the administration of service activities and manage complex projects.

Trusted by over 7000 customers in 80 countries, Sage X3 also offers flexible deployment options. It can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, giving you flexibility and control over your IT strategy and business needs. Below are some of the key service capabilities Sage X3 Service ERP offers:

Sage X3 Service ERP capabilities

With the service industry-specific functionality of Sage X3 ERP, you can manage service requests, maximise resource utilisation, accelerate response times, as well as managing projects whilst tracking against budget and do much more. Sage X3 Service includes service management and project-related capabilities. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, providing organisations with a flexible approach to managing their IT strategy. Adaptable configuration options and applications support your unique business needs. Below are the key service management capabilities Sage X3 offers:

Project Management

  • Profitability analysis to evaluate completed projects
  • Structured project organisation based on sub-projects and steps
  • Assignment of costs, prices, services and external suppliers to individual project steps
  • Resource planning, maximising skills and workloads
  • Individual graphical analysis
  • Confirmation of actual times and costs in a web interface
  • Clear overview of individual projects or services
  • Information on anticipated sales, costs and margins for each service


  • Service contracts that can be categorised and set to renew based on the number of days/months/year
  • Install base visibility – customer installations can be linked to a service contract
  • Service requests and interventions, which can be categorised, assigned and include consumptions that can be invoiced
  • Warranty requests to track requests for a given warranty service contract

“Sage X3 has helped us get to one standard version of the truth. We don’t have all of these spreadsheet reports that can go wrong, we get everything directly out of the system. That’s the biggest benefit.”Woodie Perkins, VP of Information Technology, Allredi

Sage X3 Service ERP benefits

Sage X3 Service gives you complete control over your service operations as well as a flexible system that grows with your business. It provides benefits such as:

Save valuable time To help save time, Sage X3 supports profitability analysis and ensures structured and coordinated management of projects from the start.

Improve project managementSage X3 enables you to structure your projects and break them down into sub-projects and individual project steps.

Flexibility beyond project bordersSage X3 does not consider projects in isolation. It allows you to assign conditions, services and more flexibly to different projects. This flexibility even extends to invoicing criteria – from flat-rate prices to time-based calculations, automatic or manual.

Improve project visibility Sage X3 provides you with a clear and structured view of your projects. Showing scheduled services and deadlines at a glance, as well as any third-party services required for individual project steps.

360-degree transparency for added security Sage X3 offers graphic evaluations to provide you with the important information you need on project progress, completion of individual steps and financial factors.

A single control centre for all tasksSage X3 allows you to enter your data just once in a single central database. The functionality to manage all information, including purchase and sales invoices is available in one business management system.

Professional contract managementSage X3 structures the individual components of your contracts according to different calculation cycles for recurring services and conditions. The solution assists with the management of different maintenance intervals, such as checking devices, replacing spare parts or replenishing consumables.

Check out our guide: A guide to Sage X3 Service – to gain deeper insight into Sage X3 for Services.

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