Employee Spotlight | David Spindler – Senior Consultant and Product Manager

Our people are central to the ‘Inixion Difference’ and we’re particularly proud of the fact that we have had zero employee attrition since our inception. Check out the next instalment of our employee spotlight series, with David Spindler, who started with Inixion in 2007 as employee number 1. We asked David about his role at Inixion and how the world of Inixion and Sage X3 has changed since he started with us.

You were employee number one 16 years ago. What convinced you to join what was essentially a start-up company then?

All my working career, up to the time I started with Inixion, I had worked in companies where conversations in the office began with “Do you remember when…” and “Those were the good days when…”. I wanted to be part of a company from the beginning where I was in on those “Do you remember” moments.

How has Inixion changed over these 16 years?

As we have grown, we have inevitably had to adopt more processes, structures and methods, but I think the opposite question is more interesting: “How has Inixion NOT changed in 16 years?” The answer is that, although we have grown significantly, we still maintain our core values where the customer is treated as part of our team.

How did you ‘get into’ Sage X3?

I worked as an IT professional in the manufacturing industry and then joined a company selling and implementing ERP systems. They had just adopted Sage X3 (then Adonix X3) as the software of choice for their larger implementations. I was lucky to get in on the ground with the initial training, becoming one of the first Sage X3 specialists in the UK.

How has Sage X3 changed over the years?

Once upon a time you could install and run Sage X3 on a laptop, and it could be installed from start to finish in a few hours. It is now a multi-server environment, but because of the web and cloud nature of the product, it can be accessed remotely with ease so local installation is no longer necessary.

You’re one of our most travelled employees, what’s the secret to working at diverse customer sites and travelling in between?

You must take the time to visit the location, whether that is getting a cab into the town, or even just visiting a local pub or bar. It does you no favours to just sit alone in your hotel room. If you have work to do in the evening, grab your laptop and work in the bar or lobby, and always talk to people, the bar staff, the locals in the bar, the airline staff and the hotel housekeeping staff. And remember, a smile can make another person’s day.

What do you think are the hardest and best parts of your job?

I always struggle with typing up documentation, I can think a lot faster than I can type! But the best parts are the workshops, the consultancy, listening to issues that the customer has and working through a solution.

What do you like best about working at Inixion?

People! The people in Inixion, our customers, the people that I meet while travelling.

What does a typical day at Inixion look like for you?

There is no “typical” day as such. It will depend entirely on the tasks that I have on my plate at the time, whether that is meetings with customers or other Inixion members, training and workshop sessions to be delivered, both online and in person and all the while keeping up with the emails and queries that I get on a daily basis.

At Inixion we talk about ‘Making your business our business’, How do you experience that?

It’s about listening and understanding the customer’s business. Make the customer feel that you are part of their team when you are working with them.

What do you think makes Inixion stand out from its competitors?

When a customer signs up with Inixion they are not buying a system, they are joining the team. Installing the software is just the very start of the relationship, and whilst they may mainly speak to one or two individuals, they have the whole team at their disposal.

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