9 telltale signs you have outgrown your current Sage solution

As a current user of Sage software, you will be aware of the many powerful capabilities Sage solutions have to offer. You will also be comfortable and familiar with its functionality; however, you may have become frustrated with some of the limitations of your current Sage solution and are in a position where you are considering other options.

For many businesses, their Sage solution performed exactly the way they wanted it to when it was first implemented. However, as your business grows and its data with it, you often need more sophisticated functionality. It is now vital you have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is equipped with the flexibility and scalability to flex and aid your business growth as well as the capability to deliver accurate real-time information to help the business steer through challenging times.

Signs you have outgrown your current Sage solution

Stacked with features and functionality suitable for many large organisations, Sage X3 is the natural progression for any growing business that is outgrowing its entry-level Sage solution. So, when will you know that you need to change?

Below are some common challenges and signs that will influence your decision to change and know when the time is right.

1. You have grown beyond a single site

You need a solution that can handle multiple location accounting and reporting and possibly intercompany trading.

2. You have a restricted view of the business – including across multiple entities

Limited or no view of company/enterprise-wide performance or real-time reporting leading to bad business decisions.

3. You are experiencing declining system performance

Increased users or transactions are affecting the speed of processes and causing unexpected system errors, conflicts or crashes.

4. You are introducing new processes

Your business is evolving and you are looking to bring processes such as manufacturing in-house, but your system does not have the functionality or flexibility.

5. You are expanding outside your country

You require multi-currency and multi-legislation capabilities for local compliance with tax and law as well as the capability to report in a singular currency.

6. You have siloed information across the company

You need a solution that can handle multiple location accounting and reporting.

7. You lack financial insight

It takes longer to make crucial business decisions due to incorrect data and a lack of real-time information.

8. You have increased manual processes

Increased manual input – paper or spreadsheet-based – is required to transfer information between departments taking up valuable time and resources.

9. You are limited by functionality

Your existing solution doesn’t have the flexibility to handle complex processes or change as you change.

For many businesses, the Sage X3 ERP system is the next logical step for users of older Sage solutions and those orientated towards smaller businesses. The appeal of staying with Sage’s familiarity also lends itself to moving to Sage X3.

Sage X3 is Sage’s fully integrated enterprise-level ERP solution, suitable for medium to large businesses. It is the ERP of choice to grow your business and optimise and streamline your financial operations, manufacturing and supply chain processes in a single, enterprise-wide application.

If any of the above signs resonate with you, then you may be ready for Sage X3. As Sage partners specialising in Sage X3 only, we support you from selection through to implementation, and for the lifetime of your system. We ensure that you start off with the right solution for your unique requirements and assist you to ensure that Sage X3 stays fit for purpose whilst your organisation expands and evolves.

Inixion has a depth of experience across different industries, including manufacturing, distribution/wholesale and services. Over the years, we’ve helped many customers migrate from Sage solutions including Sage 50 and Sage 200 to name a few. Many of our customers have found that as their business grows, they discover that their Sage solution no longer delivers the reporting, analytics and collaborative view of the business that you need to continue expanding.

Check out our guide Have you outgrown your current Sage solution?’ to discover why Sage X3 should be the next step in your Sage software solutions.

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