Why Sage X3 for inventory management?

Managing your inventory is crucial for the success of your organisation. It may seem simple to maintain adequate stock levels without tying up excessive capital, but various challenges can arise, such as supply chain issues, currency fluctuations, manufacturing hold-ups, and other potential issues.

Inefficient inventory management can be detrimental to your business. However, with the Sage X3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, inventory management becomes much easier, efficient, and cost-effective.

Sage X3 is Sage’s flagship ERP system that is highly customisable and provides industry-specific features, covering finance, distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain. It offers the flexibility to be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

What is Sage X3 inventory management?

Sage X3 inventory management is designed to assist manufacturing and distribution businesses in handling all aspects of their inventory in real-time. This includes managing costs, orders, products, materials in stock, supplier information, and so much more. By providing real-time inventory information to the entire organisation, Sage X3 enables faster order fulfilment, fewer stockouts, and reduced inventory holding costs.

Some key Sage X3 Inventory Management capabilities

Below we explain how some of the key Sage X3 Inventory Management capabilities work. It is just a snapshot of the extensive Inventory Management capabilities within Sage X3. Contact us if you wish to find out more about Sage X3 can help you manage your inventory.

Multiple Units of Measure’ feature

The ‘Multiple Units of Measure’ feature allows you to define a variety of units used for stocking, purchasing, packing, and selling your inventory items.

If you’re using this feature with your inventory items, units of measure offer increased flexibility and accuracy when it comes to tracking and selling your inventory. For instance, you might manufacture cloth in rolls, but keep it in stock in metres. With the ‘Multiple Units of Measure’ feature, you can easily set up a ‘Units Type ‘and define each unit for that specific type.

Location management

The Sage X3 site parameters offer a wide range of options for defining location numbering formats, making it easy to manage warehouse receiving, storage, and picking assignments. With its controls, you can easily facilitate, delay, or restrict access to locations as needed. Whether you want to dedicate locations to specific items, assign them dynamically, or track inventory stored at third-party sites, the system has got you covered.

Inventory balances

In a multi-site environment, Sage X3 allows you to simultaneously check stock balances at all sites at the same time. This includes on-hand, reserved, available, on-order, in-transit, on backorder, and quality control (QC). You can also dive deeper into the details at location and lot levels, as well as drill down to individual stock transactions and accounting journals associated with them.

Quality control and sampling

With Sage X3 you can easily trace all Quality Control (QC)-related transactions, both forwards and backwards, and manage the disposition of accepted and rejected items. All QC transactions are available in a single view. Plus, when calculating available stock, you can consider the quantities in QC. QC Sampling logic follows the ISO 2859 standard, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Sampling is seamlessly initiated through multi-level controls, which are integrated throughout the entire QC process.


To make sure you always have enough stock available, you need to consider fluctuations in demand, seasonal trends, supply chain logistics, and the natural life cycle of your products. Sage X3’s demand-based replenishment, uses historical and seasonal sales data, average lead time, and the number of inventory days’ supply to dynamically manage item reorder points and maintain preferred stock levels. The Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) system will take expiration dates into account, so stock is replenished in time to ensure a supply of fresh products. When using products with expiration dates, these are considered by MRP ahead of time to ensure fresh products are ordered in time. Sage X3 takes care of generating tasks and alerts, which are then sent to the purchasing manager.

‘Intersite transfers’ feature

The ‘Intersite transfers’ function allows you to easily transfer stock from one site to another, whether it’s a single stock line or a group of stock lines. It also efficiently manages all intrasite stock movements to and from the appropriate storage and picking locations. The best part is that simple ‘intersite transfers’ can be made without the hassle of creating sales and purchase orders.

There are more key Sage X3 Inventory Management capabilities including:

Key Sage X3 benefits

Some of the key benefits of Sage X3 are:

  • Fully scalable – a flexible system that will grow with your company.
  • An accurate view of business data – with one solution for all your data, you can minimise errors and save time by eliminating duplicate workloads.
  • Real-time control – maintain complete control, visibility, and interaction across your entire business and its processes.
  • Multi-everything – easily manage multiple currencies, companies, ledgers, sites, and legislations.
  • Highly configurable to your unique processes – a flexible solution that is tailored to perfectly fit your organisation.
  • Integration with other business-critical systems – Sage X3 seamlessly integrates with other crucial systems, expanding functionality while providing a single version of truth.
  • Access anywhere, anytime from any device – enjoy real-time data access on the go, from any mobile device or tablet.

With Sage X3 Inventory Management, you’ll have complete control over your inventory management chain. The system ensures that products arrive in perfect condition, are assigned to the correct location, and are carefully tracked as they move through your warehouse. Plus, Sage X3 provides clear visibility into stock quantities, whether they’re currently in stock, on order, under inspection, travelling between sites and warehouses, allocated to sales, or assigned to work orders. Sage X3 also streamlines processes throughout the supply chain and manufacturing, reducing the need for manual handling of goods. It automates daily tasks such as reordering and keeps sufficient raw materials and parts on hand to ensure smooth order fulfilment on production lines. You can easily track work-in-progress and finished goods, giving you a quick overview of stock levels.

We offer a range of guides that provide more insight into Sage X3. Here are three that might resonate with you:

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If you would like to discuss your project with us, please contact our team or book a tailored Sage X3 demo

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