Sage X3 modules and key features

Sage X3 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for medium to large businesses such as manufacturing and distribution organisations. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

In addition to core capabilities for manufacturing and distribution, Sage X3 provides a wide range of additional functionality including financial management, reporting, purchasing, inventory, CRM and service, shop floor control and quality management.

This article will cover the key capabilities of Sage X3 and discuss how Sage X3 is split into three modules/platforms: Manufacturing, Finance and Distribution.

Sage X3 key functionality overview

Accounting and budgets

Sage X3 offers general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow management, bank management and budgeting capabilities. The ERP natively supports multi-country, multi-currency, multi-legislation and multi-entity finances suiting organisations with any structure from a single entity to group tiered multiple entities.


Purchasing functionality in Sage X3 provides end-to-end procurement capability with covering supplier and product category management, Request for Purchase (RFP), requisitions, purchase orders, approvals management, delivery, scheduling and dynamic pricing and discounts.

Shop floor control

Production and shop floor control capabilities in Sage X3 allow for the collection of labour time, direct and indirect labour tracking and management, clock in/out and much more.

Project management

Sage X3 allows for efficient project tracking and execution. The solution offers integrated project management features including work breakdown structures, project cost breakdown structures, budget tracking, multi-level time tracking and resource allocation.

Quality control

Sage X3 is popular in industries where quality is key. And, it’s easy to see why. Sage X3 offers robust capabilities for batch management, serialisation, use by date management, inspection management, stock status support, expiry date management and bidirectional traceability management.

Bill of materials (BOM) planning

BOM planning functionality in Sage X3 covers multi BOMs including production, sub-contracting, commercial and more. It also includes version number (major and minor) management, mass maintenance and more.

Inventory management

Sage X3 is well-suited to product-centric organisations and allows for robust inventory management. Sage X3 caters for location and bin management, stock movements, import tracking, strong quality control, stock transfers and movements, plus Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS).

Sage X3 modules/platforms

Licensing for Sage X3 is subscription-based with different license costs depending on what Sage X3 modules/platforms you need. There are three core modules/platforms: Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Finance platform: Sage X3 Finance is licensed as a standalone financial management solution

Distribution platform: Sage X3 Distribution includes distribution functionality and contains the finance module.

Manufacturing platform: Sage X3 Manufacturing contains manufacturing functionality and includes both the distribution and finance modules.

The advantage of Sage X3 is its flexibility. However, this means that licensing and costs depend on several factors. Below we list some of the main elements that could affect the price of your Sage X3 solution. Essentially, the cost of Sage X3 is determined by 4 key factors:

  1. The base configuration
  2. The number and roles of users
  3. The add-on Sage X3 modules needed for your business functions
  4. Configuration, implementation and training costs

If you would like to learn more about Sage X3 licensing and which modules would best suit your needs, one of our experienced Sage X3 experts will help you choose which platform would best suit your needs. Get in touch here.

Sage X3 extensions and enhancements

Sage X3’s functionality is already extensive, but it can be increased even further with several complementary products and enhancements. Below are Inixion’s complementary products and enhancements that can augment your Sage X3 solution capabilities.

Document Management – Outbound module

Document Management module – Outbound, brings leading technology into core Sage X3 processes, enabling automatic distribution of outbound documents.

Document Management – Inbound module

Document Management module – Inbound, brings scanned inbound documents directly into the system. Supplier invoices, signed contracts, goods received notes and any other document can be scanned into Sage X3.

Human Resources Management module

Inixion’s Human Resources Management module for Sage X3 provides storage and management functionality for your employee data, which is uniquely encrypted.

Automated Exchange Rates module

Inixion’s Exchange Rate module integrates with the European Central Bank (ECB) to enable daily exchange rates to be automatically uploaded into Sage X3.

Business Intelligence (BI) module

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is the Business Intelligence system for Sage X3. SEI provides real-time, self-service data analysis, fully integrated with Sage X3 and other data sources.

Electronic Data Interchange module

Our Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) module incorporates a leading EDI message translation tool to handle your EDI requirements. With customisable configuration and industry-specific capabilities, the flexible Sage X3 solution equips you with everything you need to drive business success.

Download our comprehensive ERP selection checklist to help guide your decision on which ERP system to choose. Alternatively, if you would like to chat with one of Inixion’s certified Sage X3 consultants, then get in touch today.

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