Sage X3 for Supply Chain – The Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for supply chain management.

Whether you’re in manufacturing or distribution, robust supply chain management is essential to stay competitive whilst dealing with constant challenges.

With comprehensive industry-specific capabilities, Sage X3 offers extensive supply chain management capabilities to drive greater efficiencies, increase flexibility and have the insight needed to thrive and stay competitive in the face of growing complexity.

Trusted by over 7000 customers in 80 countries, Sage X3 also offers flexible deployment options. It can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, giving you flexibility and control over your IT strategy and business needs.

Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status. Sage X3 helps you to seamlessly manage your purchasing and inventory processes from beginning to end. Whether it is integrating a price list or managing products, Sage X3 can help you achieve that and much more.

Below are some of the key supply chain functions available with Sage X3.

Sage X3 supply chain capabilities

1. Key capabilities for managing suppliers

Seamlessly manage your purchasing process from beginning to end.

Key Sage X3 capabilities include:

  • Supplier and product category management
  • Purchase planning, ordering, and requests
  • Purchase orders, delivery, and scheduling
  • Requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Multi-level signature management
  • Supplier invoice entry and returns

2. Key capabilities for inventory management

Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status.

Key Sage X3 capabilities include:

  • Multiple units of measure for enhanced data
  • Multi-location management
  • Inventory balances
  • Quality control of stock and sampling
  • Replenishment of stock in multiple sites
  • Efficient stock movements
  • Mobile apps for enhanced user experience

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3. Key capabilities for managing productivity

Get insight into your operational efficiency with a clear picture of your organisation’s


Key Sage X3 capabilities include:

  • Shared documentation
  • Realtime data
  • Connected database
  • Personalised user or administrator
  • Searchable library
  • Excel exporting
  • Mobile app

“Sage X3 has helped us get to one standard version of the truth. We don’t have all of these spreadsheet reports that can go wrong, we get everything directly out of the system. That’s the biggest benefit.”

Woodie Perkins, VP of Information Technology, Allredi

Sage X3 is designed to manage all aspects of businesses revolving around distribution and financial management.

Multi-company and multi-currency

Multi-site and multi-company operations are handled with ease within the same database allowing for flexible consolidation and reporting. Differing fiscal legislation between countries is accommodated without compromising the overall structure of a true corporate setup. Buy in Dollars, sell in euros, report in Sterling and produce consolidated accounts in Yen? Sage X3 does not constrict any transaction to a particular currency with full reporting, exchange rate control and full Intrastat reporting.

Regulatory compliance

Sage X3 contains native compatibility with requirements from regulatory bodies so that data is automatically gathered and presented in the right way. This functionality can reduce administrative overheads and help your organisation meet its obligations more effectively.

Full audit trail and logging

Full traceability of all transactions from source entry down to journal level is embedded throughout the entire system. This provides not just a log but an auditable trail of all changes.

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