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Sage X3 support partner – In our last article – 4 Key considerations when selecting a Sage X3 support partner – we discussed some of the key reasons businesses switch Sage X3 partners and what you should be looking for in a new partner.

Now that you have investigated those key points and are thinking of engaging with Inixion, you may want to understand more about how Inixion can support you as your Sage X3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system partner. In this article, we share the feedback from our customers and some other key reasons why you should consider Inixion as your Sage X3 partner.

What to expect from Inixion as your Sage X3 partner

In our ‘Switch Sage X3 Support Partner’ guide we discuss what you should expect from a Sage X3 support partner.

Rather than us telling you why we think we may be the right fit for you, we’re letting our customer quotes speak for themselves across five favourable partner attributes that we discuss in the guide.

1. Demonstrates trust

One area to look at is trust. Have your interactions with them been transparent, have they been objective and said ‘no’ to some things from a point of experience? Have they made clear the costs, time and effort involved? Can they mitigate any of your current concerns with your existing partner?

  • “We didn’t just need a new system – and our previous one was holding us back – we also needed a solutions partner we could work with, trust and build a lasting relationship. We found that with Inixion. The Inixion team both helped and challenged us. They worked with us through the project and beyond, not just as a supplier but also as a real stakeholder.”

Read full case study: UK Based Distributor

  • “Inixion has more than justified our partner choice…enabling Avon to get the best from Sage X3.”

Read full case study: Avon Protection

2. A great partner is not always a ‘yes person’

It’s important to note that a great partner is not always a “yes person.” They won’t just implement and configure your ERP system, no questions asked, especially if they know a better way of streamlining the process or have learned from previous implementations a better way of doing things. A great partner reviews your current system and ensures that the business wants and needs align with your goals. A great partner sets you up for success.

  • “We chose Inixion because we were looking for someone who would challenge us and tell us that there would be a better, cheaper and ultimately sensible way of doing things.”

View video testimonial: Displaydata

3. Takes an industry-informed view of your business

A Sage X3 partner should look at your overall business and identify the solution and configurations that will have the greatest impact.

  • “From the first engagement, Inixion was clearly, like ourselves, the specialists we needed and, with their proven knowledge and experience with Sage X3, their robust implementation methodology, project governance and ongoing support arrangements, this ticked all the boxes and more.”

Read full case study: Blagden Specialty Chemicals

  • “Once Inixion learned how we had implemented and used Sage X3 and had spent time on site with the local business unit, it was pretty much “auto-pilot” from that point forward. They helped us understand migration, they helped us understand what our decision points were; they were incredibly patient helping me understand some of the advanced concepts of Sage X3 and how they could be deployed to help us and from there it was easy-peasy.”

Read full case study: BioIVT

4. Treats the engagement like a relationship, not a transaction

Great partners build trust and relationships with customers so they’re operating from a place of mutual respect. They have your best interest at heart, and customers can rest assured that any recommendation is for the improvement of their business and operations.

  • “Not a month goes by when I don’t have discussions with their executives, because they want to keep a finger on the pulse. That’s a big differentiator, you have Inixion with a passionate bunch of folks, who have a long tenure.”

Read full case study: Allredi

  • “Many thanks to Inixion for the instruction, guidance and support in making the Sage X3 implementation at Belzona a resounding success.”

Read full case study: Belzona Polymerics

5. Helps to reduce risks associated with a Sage X3 implementation

An ERP implementation can be disruptive even under the best of circumstances and Sage X3 is no different. A good partner can help you navigate major changes so that disruption and risks are minimised. You want to make sure your partner can help you through change and assure your business doesn’t stop.

  • “Inixion did their homework. Inixion thought very deeply and carefully about our unique and specific needs. They have a huge level of expertise and are really focused on the project at hand. The Inixion Project Manager was exceptionally professional.”

Read full case study: SIL Holdings

  • “We now have immediate access to data across the entire business in a single place. The Inixion team, who were recommended to us by Sage, helped to deliver the project on time and on budget.”

Read full case study: Babcock Mission Critical Services UK

  • “Inixion provided a first-class solution to my problem and delivered the result on time and on budget.”

Read full case study: UK based Manufacturer

Why choose Inixion as your Sage X3 partner?

Laser-like focus on Sage X3

Sage X3 is the only solution Inixion works with. This laser-like focus ensures that we know the intricacies of Sage X3 inside and out and how it can be applied to various industries, with the ability to think ‘outside the box’ to help solve more complex business challenges.

Zero failed projects to date

Our focus is on building partnerships with customers and acting as an extension of their team and in-house capabilities. This approach has served us very well – we boast impressive ‘zero-failed’ projects to date accolades.

Unrivalled product knowledge

We have a combined experience of over 250+ collective years of experience and many of our Inixion employees were previous end-users of Sage X3, giving us the advantage of unrivalled product knowledge. Additionally, many from the Inixion team have worked in the industry and have real-world insight into the complex processes faced by businesses.

Check out our guide Switch Sage X3 Support Partner to find out what you should expect from a great support partner.

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