How customers manage change with Sage X3

Change is a constant and as we explored in our ‘Business in a changing world’ whitepaper, the speed of change has increased over the past decades. This increases the pressure on organisations to manage growth, whilst keeping up with external change.

Since our inception in 2006, we have been helping our customers manage different aspects of business change with their Sage X3 ERP system. Below are some examples of change, which can easily be managed by this ERP system.

  • Acquisition
    • When an organisation grows through acquisition, it not only acquires the new company but also the incumbent financial/ERP system. Over time multiple acquisitions can therefore result in multiple disparate systems.
    • Manage multiple entities through a single system; its multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities allow for faster, simpler and more flexible management of an entire business; locally and on a global scale.
    • Read about how one of our customers has utilised Sage X3 functionality to assist with their acquisition process.
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Over regulation is one of the biggest (perceived) threats to growth. Tracking regulatory compliance through manual processes, spreadsheets and external databases takes time and manual entry increases the risk of making mistakes.
    • Simplify the compliance process through full traceability of products, and components throughout the supply chain. The system’s multi-legislation functionality, where deployed, provides for any new regulatory compliance considerations when system updates are made available and deployed.
    • Inixion has customers in several industries, including Chemical, Aviation and Distribution where regulation is a key factor in their business – read about their experiences with Sage X3.
  • Real-time information
    • Keeping up with change whilst staying profitable requires an enormous amount of work and attention to detail, requiring valuable time and resources. Analysing data through Excel can also result in multiple versions of the ‘truth’.
    • Enjoy companywide views through fully customisable dashboards and reports. The core analytical capabilities of Sage X3 can be extended with Sage Enterprise Intelligence, providing powerful real-time business intelligence tools to support well-informed decision-making.
    • Real-time information is key to business success across all sectors – Sage X3 helps to deliver that information and provide the visibility of data for all our customers – read an example here.

With change being a constant, your business today isn’t the same business as it was last year or will be next year. Your needs will change over time and your ERP system needs to keep pace with those changing needs. Sage invests heavily into ensuring that Sage X3 functionality keeps abreast with changes in business practices, processes, statutory requirements etc.

Whatever aspects of change our customers are facing, we will work with them to ensure that their installation of the system can continue to deliver the maximum of potential benefits to their organisation.

If your current ERP system cannot keep up with your pace of change, then please get in touch with us to discuss whether Sage X3 from Inixion can help you.

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