First year with Inixion – ‘The Inixion Difference’

Inixion is particularly proud of the fact that we have had zero employee attrition since 2006, which is part of the ‘Inixion Difference’. So what makes the ‘Inixion Difference’? We asked Andrew Taylor, our latest addition to the team about his experience in his first year with the company.

What attracted you to Inixion?

I was thrilled to find an opportunity to work at Inixion. My personal goal at the time was to expand my knowledge of Sage X3. Inixion was the perfect fit as the company specialises solely in Sage X3, with a very strong learning ethos.

You said you wanted to expand your knowledge of Sage X3, how did you ‘get into’ Sage X3?

I started working with Sage X3 as a buyer in a manufacturing business. The business needed a more integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to match recent business growth, which is why they selected Sage X3. I became a “super-user” and learned a lot about the system. And also how implementing a new ERP system is not just about the technical aspect, but also very much about the human side; so change management and having the right partner is really important.

You worked on the client side before, how has the transition to a partner been?

Since moving from a super-user style role to a support role, I’ve gained a better appreciation for the depth of the product. On a daily basis, I use areas of the system I previously didn’t know about and while many businesses run similar processes, Sage X3 might have 2, 3, or even multiple different ways to achieve a result depending on the best fit for their business. I try to use my previous experiences from the client’s perspective to aid my communication when providing support to end-users.

What have you learned about Sage X3 and what is the best thing about this ERP system in your opinion?

As I’ve mentioned before, on a daily basis I use parts of the system I previously didn’t come across. To pick one example, I’ve learned so much about the Financial side of Sage X3 since I’ve been with Inixion. Not just in the system, but also in how an Accounts department works and what departmental processes are used. What I really like about Sage X3 is that it’s easy to follow a transaction trail. Starting at the end, you can follow it back to the beginning and therefore find potential ‘glitches’, which is really helpful in support.

At Inixion we talk about ‘Making your business our business’, How do you experience this?

One of the bigger challenges of supporting customers is that each customer uses their system in a different way; one Sage X3 configuration might work for one business, but not for another. We spend a lot of time with each business understanding what is unique about our customers. This knowledge is constantly being shared between the Inixion project, consultancy, and support teams to ensure we don’t just solve a ‘support issue’ but look at the wider picture to propose what is right for the customer’s business as a whole.

What was your first impression of Inixion and what do you think is the best thing about the company?

My first impression was actually of Ian Bromley, our Managing Director. The company is so close to his heart; he really cares about it and the people who work for him. That really runs through the company. The best thing about Inixion is the fact that we’re Sage X3 specialists, so it’s not so difficult to start. You don’t have to learn lots of different systems, just more about Sage X3.

Start strong

From day one everyone was ready to help me. Having just reflected on my first year of working at Inixion, I appreciate all the time given by my colleagues, in structured and unstructured environments, to pass on knowledge and lend assistance. Everyone at Inixion pulls in the same direction and no one works within their own silo.

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