An RFI template can help you choose the ideal ERP system for your business

Choosing and implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a significant investment. This project requires resources, and time, and carries various risks to the business if not executed correctly. Sending out a Request for Information (RFI) document is crucial in the ERP selection process. An RFI provides a structured approach to narrow a long list of ERP vendors to a more manageable number for further discussions.

Collecting precise data and overseeing operations throughout the organisation, encompassing various departments, technologies, and partnerships, while sharing information with the appropriate teams and roles, plays a crucial role in facilitating business growth and adaptation.

If a business is facing limitations with its current system, it may need to consider upgrading to a new ERP system. However, finding the right ERP solution can be a complex task, as it requires identifying, evaluating, and implementing a solution that aligns with the specific needs of your organisation. In certain instances, opting for an industry-specific ERP, such as a manufacturing ERP system, maybe the ideal choice.

As mentioned above, when it comes to choosing an ERP system, it can be quite demanding in terms of resources and time, with the possibility of not hitting the mark. Look at our ERP software selection article for insights on the essential steps to include in your process.

In the aforementioned article, we discuss the important internal factors to consider before beginning the selection process. Once you have a clear understanding of your business requirements, you can start compiling a list of potential ERP vendors. Utilising an RFI can help gather valuable information on the products and services offered by vendors, enabling you to narrow down your choices to those who may be able provide the best ERP solution for your needs.

RFIs usually provide valuable information about the organisation, specific project needs, current capabilities, vendor assessment criteria, and a deadline for submission. Although the business and operational procedures may appear simple, achieving success demands meticulous planning and deliberate consideration.

ERP selection processes can differ for each business. Once you have narrowed down your vendor options through an RFI, you can opt to send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to invite the shortlisted vendors to bid for the opportunity.

Please find our handy RFI template here, which you can use as part of your ERP selection process.

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