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  • Eight essential value propositions in manufacturing ERP

    Discover eight fundamental value drivers of manufacturing ERP.

  • distribution erp

    Distribution ERP Selection Checklist

    Discover five critical categories for consideration when choosing a Distribution ERP system

  • Front cover of the ERP Business Case Guide For Implementing An ERP System

    ERP Business Case

    Blueprint for creating a compelling ERP business case.

  • Front cover of Inixion's erp selection criteria checklist

    Enterprise Resource Planning selection checklist

    ERP selection checklist - your due diligence guide to choosing an ERP system.

  • Buyers guide to selecting a manufacturing ERP system

    14 essential questions to ask vendors to ensure you choose the right ERP system.

  • Manufacturing ERP Checklist Guide

    Manufacturing ERP selection checklist

    A due diligence checklist to select the right Manufacturing ERP system.