Employee Spotlight | Nathan Pope – Support Consultant

Our people are central to the ‘Inixion Difference’ and we’re particularly proud of the fact that we have had zero employee attrition since our inception. Check out the next instalment of our employee spotlight series, with Nathan Pope, who joined us in 2021 to strengthen our support team as a Support Consultant. We asked Nathan about his role at Inixion and what attracted him to work for us.

You started with Inixion around 2 years ago, what initially attracted you to Inixion?

I had been working as an operations manager for a company which was going through a Sage X3 implementation. I was approached about the support consultant position within Inixion. After chatting with the customer services manager, David McCallum, I was excited at the prospect of working with David and Inixion on the support side of Sage X3. After meeting with David and Inixion’s Managing Director Ian Bromley, I was convinced this was the right move for me to embark on a new career in Sage X3 with Inixion. Luckily for me, they also thought the same and I started my journey with Inixion 4 weeks later.

How did you ‘get into’ Sage X3?

I was involved in the Sage X3 implementation at my previous employer. I was responsible for the testing and reporting side of the implementation and liked the way the system worked. The project was a big challenge, due to not having an implementation partner to help with the fine-tuning and troubleshooting side of things. This meant that we had to roll our sleeves up and learn as much of the system as we went along, which gave me a great grounding in how the system worked.

What led you to work in IT support?

It was the opportunity at Inixion that led me to work in IT support. I’d always been into IT and computing but never considered it as a career choice. I was really impressed by Inixion and having got to know the team, I’m glad I took this step. The team here at Inixion is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. There is always someone that will give their time to advise or help with any issues you may have within Sage X3.

What do you think are the hardest and best parts of your job?

I think the hardest part about the job is the realisation of just how big the Sage X3 system really is and getting to grips with all of its capabilities. ‘Every day is a learning day’, as they say. ‘Supporting’ the system is also very different to ‘using’ the system from a customer point of view.

The best parts are the camaraderie shown throughout the company every day and the company meetings when we get to physically meet up and enjoy working together. As well as the opportunity to socialise at the end of those working days with my colleagues.

What do you like best about working at Inixion?

Working for Inixion is very rewarding in terms of job fulfilment, enjoyment of working with my team, great on-the-job training etc. Another benefit is that we all work remotely, so I don’t have to defrost my car every morning in the winter to travel to work. It is an exceptional company to work for in my opinion.

What does a typical day at Inixion look like for you?

Working in the support team will start with our daily catch-up at 9 am, where we can talk about existing calls/issues with the rest of the team and get some of their advice/input. After the meeting, we will continue to work on new support calls coming in throughout the day whilst also working on anything existing and follow-ups etc.

At Inixion we talk about ‘Making your business our business’, How do you experience that?

I know we always try to go that extra mile with our customers to make them feel as comfortable as possible with any issues they may have within Sage X3. We tend to jump on video calls with customers to have face-to-face interaction and demonstrate our findings/resolutions if required. Engaging with our customers is key to a good working relationship and I believe we at Inixion do this very well in all aspects of the business.

What do you think makes Inixion stand out from its competitors?

I think it’s the whole company as one. There is so much knowledge within the Inixion team. Everyone who works for Inixion is genuinely appreciated and I suspect this is why there has never been an employee that has moved on.

“I believe there is nothing Inixion cannot do in the world of Sage X3.”

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