Employee Spotlight | Andy Tracoshas – Sage X3 Consultant

Our people are central to the ‘Inixion Difference’ and we’re particularly proud of the fact that we have had zero employee attrition since our inception. Check out the next instalment of our employee spotlight series, with Andy Tracoshas, who started as one of our support consultants, but is now one of our Sage X3 consultants. We asked Andy to tell us about his new role and his progression journey at Inixion.

How did you ‘get into’ Sage X3?

I started working for a national distributor in their purchasing department. After having been there a short while, they launched a large Sage X3 implementation. As I had an interest in IT systems, I put myself forward to become the internal Sage X3 analyst for the company. During this time, I became heavily involved in assisting with the implementation and supporting the business and it very quickly became my full-time role, so my journey with Sage X3 started…and I have never looked back!

You’ve been with Inixion for around 6 years now. What originally attracted you to Inixion?

I had known of Inixion before joining the company and had always heard positive things. After having the opportunity to speak with our Managing Director, Ian Bromley, and our Support Manager, David McCallum, the decision to join the company was made very easy. The way the business was set up to be successful, transparent and customer-focused and the importance they placed on recruiting ‘the right person’ for the company, alongside having the required skill set, demonstrated that Inixion was also the right fit for me.

Tell us about your transition from support consultant to consultant in the operations team.

I started my Inixion journey in support and spent almost 4 years in the team building my Sage X3 knowledge. Inixion and I had worked on a personal development plan from the moment I joined the company, to ensure that I was able to continue to make progress in my career. Both Inixion and I felt it was important to prepare for the future growth of the business. As Inixion grew, the time came when there was the need to add additional resources to the operations team, and so it was the perfect time to make the move. I made that move from support to the operations team as a consultant around 2 years ago.

What do you think are the hardest parts of your job?

Living out of a suitcase from time to time… although I do very much enjoy that aspect of my job! I recently got married and immediately upon my return I had just enough time to re-pack before travelling again with work, including a trip over the pond to the United States. So, it became a joke within the team that since being married I had seen more of my colleagues and customers than I had of my new wife!

What do you like best about working at Inixion?

The company culture is fantastic both inside and outside of the work environment. This is something that everyone says when they are faced with this question, but this is the first company that I have worked for where we all work remotely yet are closer as a team. This means that not only do we enjoy socialising together when we have the opportunity, it means that we also work exceptionally well together. Everyone is willing to challenge, teach and learn which is important and we put a lot of effort into sharing knowledge within the team. Again, this comes down to the way that we all gel, we are always looking to improve both individually and as a team.

What does a typical day at Inixion look like for you?

Working as a consultant means my typical day can vary depending on the multiple projects I am working on that day, week, or month. It may be that I am out at a customer site carrying out a training session face-to-face, or it may be that I am interacting with a customer remotely. Since joining the operations team I have had the opportunity to travel more frequently both domestically and internationally. I enjoy interacting with people, so it’s these opportunities to travel to different places and meet people that I enjoy in my role at Inixion which means that each day or week can look different.

At Inixion we talk about ‘Making your business our business’. How has your experience of that changed moving from support to operations?

This is all part of the ‘Inixion difference’ and it is something that has continued during my transition from support to operations. I have been in the fortunate position of working in both areas of the business which means I can take what I have learned about a customer in support into my role in operations. This means that when starting a new project with a customer I am already one step ahead in understanding how the business works and so can hit the ground running, due to already having a great relationship with the customer and/or having an in-depth understanding of their Sage X3 system. It also means that I understand the requirements and demands that both parts of the business have on each other, which ultimately results in a better service.

What do you think makes Inixion stand out from its competitors?

I keep coming back to this, but it really is the amazing company culture. From my very biased point of view, this makes Inixion stand out from its competitors even as an employer. This also positively impacts the customer as we all have the shared aim of delivering ‘The Inixion difference’. We all work very closely sharing knowledge and can identify Sage X3 specialists within the team to assist where needed to make the process as smooth as possible for the customer, ensuring each project is a success. We are a team with a vast amount of experience, and we focus solely on one product, this means that we truly can call ourselves a team of Sage X3 experts.

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