11 Benefits of Sage X3

Sage X3 benefits

Sage X3 ERP enables organisations to drive greater efficiencies, increase flexibility and have the insight needed to thrive and stay competitive in the face of ongoing disruption.

In this blog, we explore 11 benefits that Sage X3 already brings to organisations across the globe.

1. Streamline operations

Sage X3 integrates all your information and business processes within a single database, simplifying the way you manage your business. A consistent flow of information from sales and finance, through to purchasing, supply chain, inventory management and manufacturing allows you to streamline operations.

All departments have visibility of relevant data; reducing time to market and improving productivity.

2. Powerful workflow

Sage X3 provides an advanced workflow engine, enabling you to define any business event and condition to initiate workflow messaging.

Streamline operations, direct and enhance information flow and keep everyone on the same page.

3. Keep up with change

Sage X3 is multi-everything: multi-legislation, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-ledger and multi-site.

Get peace of mind that with any external or internal change you can stay compliant and keep visibility across your business.

4. Boost collaboration

Sage X3 allows you to connect with remote employees, customers, suppliers, partners and remote locations, without the need for additional infrastructure, whilst providing the highest level of security to ensure your information remains safe. Sage X3 can be accessed via the cloud, networks or mobile devices.

Boost collaboration and improve interaction with internal and external stakeholders.

5. Enhance business insight

Sage X3 has powerful easy-to-use business intelligence tools, driving smarter decisions in every area: finance, sales, purchasing, supply chain, inventory management and manufacturing.

Access to in-depth analytics from real-time business information allows you to make better decisions faster.

6. Scale-up globally

Sage X3 provides visibility across global operations. As it is multi “everything”, – multi-country, multi-currency, multi-site. It allows you to easily manage compliance and risk, as well as reduce operating costs across your global business. Sage X3 is scalable, so it can grow with your global business expansion.

7. Grow your business

The flexibility and configurability of Sage X3 speed up your entire business – from purchasing to manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service and financial management.

Improved lead times, inventory levels, interaction with suppliers and faster customer response times: all delivering great performance, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

8. Achieve ROI

With Sage X3, Return on Investment (ROI) can be achieved through savings in labour, inventory levels, purchasing, financial management, production improvement, improved productivity and reduction of errors.

As businesses navigate the new normal, they will increasingly seek ways to make their operations more agile, optimised, and efficient – Sage X3 is an ideal foundation for just this.

9. Keep up with technology

In our previous blogs, we talked about the Internet of Things (IoT) being a trend for 2023. IoT is a collection of interconnected physical devices that can monitor, report on, send and exchange data.

Sage X3 can be integrated with not just other business-critical systems but can also be linked to external devices, giving you additional data to help streamline operations.

10. The right inventory

Sage X3 offers manufacturers and distributors the visibility and inventory insights needed for more efficient production planning and stock forecasting.

Accurately manage inventory levels, through the ability to view stock in situ at multiple locations, but also stock in transit.

11. Stay agile

The flexibility and configurability of Sage X3 help companies to stay agile. Whether it’s new legislation, new internal processes, or adding a newly acquired business, it can all be done without the need for expensive and time-consuming development.

With easy-to-access functionality, you can stay agile by adjusting your Sage X3 ERP system to your needs as they change.

Working with the right partner

The success of your Sage X3 system depends not only on the system that is right for your company but also on finding the right partner who understands your business. At Inixion, we will work in partnership with you to ensure that we understand how you currently manage your business processes and which business-critical systems Sage X3 needs to integrate with. We then translate that into how Sage X3 can manage these processes; an ideal opportunity to look for new productivity gains and efficiencies. We have zero failed Sage X3 implementations, so why not talk to us to discuss how we can help you achieve the many benefits that Sage X3 offers?

Check out our Sage X3 modules guide to find out more about Sage X3.

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