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Sage Enterprise Management: Sil Holdings customer story

SIL selected Sage Enterprise Management to be implemented and supported by certified Sage Partner Inixion: “With Sage Enterprise Management, we are confident we have made the right decision as a group and are very much looking forward to working with Inixion and having a new robust system to move our business forward.”

Jayne Woodthorpe, SIL Holdings Ltd

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Let us help assess your needs:

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SIL holdings is a global business operating in almost every area concerned with the production and sale of fibres, yarns and fabric. They trade in luxury products using the finest cashmere, mohair, wools, silks and alpaca.

From humble beginnings as fibre traders in the 1970s, this family-run group now consists of 25 businesses across 7 divisions. It has evolved over the years, acquiring iconic brands such as Joshua Ellis, William Halstead, Roberts Dyers and Finishers and has a mixed customer base including high profile fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada and Ralph Lauren.

Whilst the Group has a core promise of Textile Excellence, each business is independently managed and operated in order that it can be agile and responsive, delivering for its customers in the most appropriate way for them.

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The story so far:

The journey

Integration of the many independently – managed businesses and acquisitions was key to strategic development for SIL. A move away from outdated stand-alone process solutions to a fully integrated modern business management system was crucial. Access to consolidated real-time data across the group was needed to better manage the business, drive more profitable growth, and enable SIL to reinvest in their business.

The SIL Holdings Group embarked on a tightly managed formal Invitation to Tender process to select their new corporate system and partner.

Following initial submissions, SIL shortlisted two vendors to provide a detailed workshop presentation based on business scenarios prepared by SIL. These scenarios covered the key system requirements and the resulting presentations provided SIL with an accurate overview of what the prospective system would offer them going forward, insight into how the implementation would be managed and the future relationship with the selected partner.


Sage Enterprise Management, formerly known as Sage X3, from Inixion was selected due to its ability to cover all requisite processes. It was deployed using all core modules; Inixion configured a single instance of Sage Enterprise Management for use by SIL’s different operating companies and divisions.

Inixion also provided an interface to incorporate data from the TMS system into Sage Enterprise Management, thus enabling consolidated reporting and effective Business Intelligence.

Key challenges

Some of the project challenges included:

  • Multiple unconnected and dated systems in situ with only spreadsheets to combine data.
  • The need for customisation of the system due to fibre’s unique properties; fibre qualities vary across batches and weight through their lifetime due to atmospheric conditions.
  • An interface requirement for the industry specific TMS (Textile Manufacturing System) to Sage Enterprise Management.


A steady start from ‘Go Live’ date has enabled users to continue everyday processes with minimal disruption and, over time, begin to exploit the extensive capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management. The SIL Holdings management team are now empowered with access to consolidated real-time data.