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Sage X3 support

Inixion is a UK and USA Sage X3 partner. We offer a wide range of services to support customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Looking for a proactive Sage X3 partner to help you maximise your investment in Sage X3?

Sage X3 support services

From go-live throughout the lifetime of your ERP system, queries and problems, even possible system issues, will occur. To ensure your Sage X3 system continues to function correctly, you need an experienced and proactive support partner. Our team of experienced certified Sage X3 experts will support you with effective investigations to resolve issues and enable you to continue to gain the most from your investment in Sage X3 and to add value to your customers.

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Dedicated Sage X3 certified support team for UK and USA customers

Our support team are full-time, completely dedicated to just that – support. Working closely together, they ensure they get to know you and your system to provide their expert services as efficiently as possible – priding themselves on impressive response time metrics. But it’s not just about the response, you need your issue resolved and the system back on track as soon as possible. When and where needed, our support team works directly with Sage and, where relevant, other third-party providers, to get to the real nub of an issue and deliver a resolution.

“Having a partner like Inixion is worth its weight in gold. They understood our company and international challenges. We came to a solution that was really good; good for us, but also good for our customers, because we are minimising any potential delays with those cross border shipments, we are doing that in a more cost effective manner. That benefits our customers as well as BioIVT.”

Nick Ariganello, Senior Director, Enterprise Applications, BioIVT

Looking to switch Sage X3 support partner?

Businesses must ensure they are choosing the right ERP system. However, finding the right partner to implement, consult, and support your ERP system is also essential. If you are dissatisfied with your current support partner and are considering switching partners, discover how we can help.

How do I switch to Inixion as my partner?

There is a defined process which will ensure we transfer support for your Sage X3 system in a controlled and managed way, so nothing is forgotten and, most importantly, support for your system is maintained.

Talk to us about this as every situation is different, every Sage X3 deployment is unique and every customer has specific requirements: we’ll work together with you to minimise the challenges and lead to a journey of improvement for your Sage X3 system; after all, it’s not just about support!

On-Demand Event

Reinventing Inventory

See demonstrations of key inventory management capabilities in Sage X3.


book cover of its time to upgrade from Sage 1000 and sage 500 to sage x3

It’s time to upgrade Sage 500/1000

A guide to using end-of-support as an opportunity to transform.

Sage X3 Version 11 end of support guide cover

Sage X3 Version 11 end of support guide

Upgrade paths to future-proof your Sage X3 investment.

You’re in safe hands. We’re a UK and USA partner with the experience to assist you in all things Sage X3.

Why work with us?

Lifetime partner

If you’re looking for a business management system partner, then Inixion would like to meet you. With zero-failed projects, our customers have partnered with us to gain a competitive edge and many for the lifetime of their project.

Sage X3 focus

Inixion’s sole focus is on Sage X3. This means we know the intricacies of Sage X3 and the nuances of the industries we serve.

Unrivalled knowledge

Many of our Sage X3 team were once end-users of Sage X3 and worked in manufacturing and distribution businesses. We apply our unique dual knowledge and experience to your business to help you thrive and succeed.

FAQs – support

What types of training does Inixion offer for Sage X3?2024-02-13T12:15:31+00:00

We provide a range of training options for Sage X3 to ensure comprehensive knowledge and effective utilisation of the system. These training offerings include various options tailored to specific business needs.

We follow a “Train the Trainer” approach, which adds value and expedites user adoption of the Sage X3 solution. By appointing super users within your organisation, we provide them with comprehensive training encompassing all aspects of the system, ranging from administrator level to user level. These empowered super users then possess the knowledge and expertise to train their colleagues at the user level, ensuring a tailored training experience that focuses on individual needs. This ensures that knowledge is effectively disseminated throughout the organisation.

In addition, Inixion offers on-demand training for both new and existing users of Sage X3. This training can be conducted remotely or through face-to-face sessions, depending on the preference and requirements of the organisation. This training aims to increase user confidence, familiarise them with newly implemented or reconfigured processes, and ultimately enhance productivity and the quality of output.

In addition to implementation project training and ongoing training packages, our training solutions are designed to align with the specific needs of businesses, ensuring that organisations receive tailored training that addresses their unique requirements. With our comprehensive training offerings, we strive to enable businesses to optimise their usage of Sage X3 and maximize the benefits derived from the system.

How can Sage X3 training benefit users?2024-02-13T12:11:11+00:00

Sage X3 training offers numerous benefits to users, empowering them to fully capitalise on the potential of the system. We are dedicated to helping businesses rapidly and seamlessly unlock the advantages of their Sage X3 implementation. Our comprehensive and effective training programs enable users to optimise their workflow and achieve enhanced outcomes.

Our Sage X3 training can be conducted remotely or in-person, catering to the preferences and requirements of your organisation. Whether it’s training for groups or individuals, our programs aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Boost user confidence and onboarding: Through our training, we instil confidence in new users, enabling them to navigate the system with ease. By familiarising them with the functionalities and features of Sage X3, we facilitate a smooth onboarding process, allowing users to quickly adapt to their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Familiarise and train on new or modified processes: As businesses evolve and processes change, our training programs ensure that users have a comprehensive understanding of the updated workflows. We guide them through new or reconfigured processes, ensuring they have the skills necessary to operate within the system efficiently and effectively.
  3. Improve productivity and output quality: Our training aims to enhance the productivity and output quality of users. By equipping them with in-depth knowledge of Sage X3, they can optimise their utilisation of the system, streamline tasks, and achieve higher efficiency levels. This ultimately leads to improved output quality and increased overall productivity for your business.

In summary, Sage X3 training provided by Inixion delivers a multitude of benefits to users. It fosters confidence, accelerates onboarding, familiarises users with new or modified processes, and drives productivity and output quality. By leveraging our training expertise, businesses can maximise the potential of their Sage X3 implementation and achieve exceptional results.

Does Inixion also work in the USA/Canada?2023-10-13T11:49:56+00:00

We are a fully accredited Sage North America partner and experts in international implementations of Sage X3. Many of our customers are in North America and are supported by our team in the UK. Moreover, we proudly assist many of our customers with their global subsidiaries, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

How often does Sage release new versions?2023-09-06T13:15:03+00:00

Sage currently provides new Sage X3 release updates twice per year.

Looking to upgrade? Download our Sage X3 V11 end-of-support guide.

What support options are available after the implementation when the system goes live?2023-08-21T08:53:09+00:00

Inixion works in partnership with you and offers support throughout the lifetime of your implementation.

Will Inixion manage my Sage X3 installation, or will I handle it?2023-08-21T08:52:53+00:00

This is part of the services provided by Inixion through the initial implementation of your Sage X3 system.

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