Sage X3 Development Services

Sage X3 Development

Realise Potential

Sage X3 is a highly configurable solution. If you have requirements that cannot be met with the standard Sage X3 functionality, Inixion is able to offer development services to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Define Goals
Every good project starts with Objectives. That’s 'business 101' – and Development is the same. What is the desired end result, are there any dependencies that need to be considered and how should the function(s) be presented to the users?
The goals mapped out, the next step is to specify how the development needs to be undertaken. There’s no such thing, for us, as too much detail in this – documenting this is both the guide to the Developer AND the record of what has been done to the system.
Development for Sage X3 can be done in a variety of ways – the first step is to determine which is the most efficient and then to execute according to the specification.
Testing & Delivery
Prior to handover to the customer for detailed testing – sometimes User Acceptance Testing – Inixion will undertake detailed functional tests to ensure the development performs as required for both the defined goals and specification.

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Industry Expertise

Warehouse with racking and pallets - distribution


Cutting edge stock, sales & logistics management

Man using ERP system on handheld in manufacturing plant


Discrete, process or mixed mode management

ERP for Finance Industry


Robust financial management for your company

ERP for Service Industry


Flexible service management, pre & post sale

The Inixion Difference

The Inixion Difference means that we will work with you to ensure that all Sage X3 configuration options have been considered to minimise cost. If development is the way forward, we’ll outline and refine the details of the specification in conjunction with your team.

We focus on streamlining your Sage X3 system to work for your business.
We understand that every business is different.
We are committed to maximising the use of standard Sage X3 functionality and minimising development to ensure cost effectiveness.
Any Inixion enhancement, integration or development will support the processes of your Sage X3 system.