Sage X3 ERP – we don’t sell a commodity

Sage X3 ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution needs to solve specific business issues and whilst many of these can be resolved by using out-of-the-box technology, no organisation is the same and therefore each solution will be different.

One size doesn’t fit all, and projects are determined by size, complexity, number of deployments, integrations into other business-critical systems, etc.

With ongoing development and innovation many ERP systems have comparable core functionality, so whatever “brand” you buy, the basics are a given. However, the devil is always in the detail and the adjustments needed to service these details are what make the solution. After all, your colleagues at the business next door most probably also make, stock or service something, invoice their customers, pay their staff and suppliers and account for their taxes – but that’s where the similarities end.

The dangers of treating ERP like a commodity

In modern personal and business life, we are so used to being served with single-point cloud solutions and apps. Unlike many of these business systems, ERP is not a “plug-and-play” solution. It requires planning, time, resources, vision and money. Underestimating these runs the risk of failure.

Another ‘danger’ can occur right at the start of the selection process. Asking for a ‘quick demonstration’ or access to a test site will only give an impression of the User Interface and some of the functionality available. This can be the ‘wrong’ impression, as the configurability of most ERP systems could provide required process flows and functionality, which a ‘quick’ demonstration or test system would not uncover.

In-depth product knowledge and understanding your requirements

Whilst tried and tested technology is at the core of your new business management solution, there are two more important aspects to consider:

  • Your partner’s in-depth knowledge of the system
  • Their understanding of your requirements

The combination of these two factors should help to build a “lean” solution that matches your needs.

“Lean”? Yes, depending on the chosen ERP system, well-configured “out-of-the-box” functionality should tick many boxes without the need for extensive bespoke development. Extensive development, beyond developed integration to other business-critical systems, can lead to “bloatware”, making the system unnecessarily complex and cumbersome and potentially leading to higher costs in the future for upgrades or even changes as your business grows and evolves.

It is your partner’s in-depth knowledge of the system combined with their understanding of your requirements that enables them to create a solution that doesn’t burst at the seams.

Sage X3 ERP from Inixion is never a commodity

At Inixion, we try and base the solution on as much out-of-the-box Sage X3 ERP functionality as possible. With more than 250+ collective years of experience in implementing Sage X3, our in-depth product knowledge generally allows us to solve many business issues through the configuration of the system. A demonstration by Inixion will involve preparation by our consultants, based on your requirements and industry. Our technical consultants are involved during your selection process from this very early stage, which ensures continuity from selection through to implementation and a head-start during the scoping phase.

At Inixion we don’t sell a commodity, we’ll only ever provide a Sage X3 solution, coupled with an ongoing partnership including support to enable the vision to what’s behind the numbers in your business; which is perhaps why we have zero failed Sage X3 implementations.

To see for yourself why Sage X3 from Inixion isn’t a commodity. Download our Inventory Excellence On-Demand Event to watch a demonstration on how to optimise inventory processes with Sage X3.

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