Sage X3 Distribution – Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps medium to large distribution organisations to grow.

Sage X3 Distribution is the distribution module in Sage X3. It helps distributors consolidate their work processes across a single system; to achieve process and product consistency across varied operations and gain real-time visibility and insight across the global supply chain.

A distribution ERP system, Sage X3 includes stock management, purchasing and sales. It can also handle multi-currency, transfers and reporting of information from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and their headquarters.

Trusted by over 7000 customers in 80 countries, Sage X3 offers flexible deployment options. It can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud, giving you flexibility and control over your IT strategy and business needs.

Sage X3 Distribution includes distribution and financial management capabilities. Its adaptable configuration options and applications support your unique business needs. Below are the key distribution and financial management capabilities the Sage X3 Distribution offers:

Sage X3 Distribution ERP capabilities

  • Multiple location management and bin control
  • Stock management by physical location, the lot (batch) and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and more
  • Consigned inventory and third-party inventory
  • Inventory balances by stock status
  • Forward and backwards traceability
  • Warehouse management and physical counting
  • Inter and Intra-company movements, and automation of these
  • Inventory replenishment, by MRP and other methods
  • Variety of inventory costing methods
  • Complex Stock Allocation Methodologies

“Sage X3 has helped us get to one standard version of the truth. We don’t have all of these spreadsheet reports that can go wrong, we get everything directly out of the system. That’s the biggest benefit.”

Woodie Perkins, VP of Information Technology, Allredi

Sage X3 Distribution features

Sage X3 Distribution is designed to manage all aspects of businesses revolving around distribution and financial management.

Multi-company and multi-currency

Multi-site and multi-company operations are handled with ease within the same database allowing for flexible consolidation and reporting. Differing fiscal legislation between countries is accommodated without compromising the overall structure of a true corporate setup. Buy in Dollars, sell in euros, report in Sterling and produce consolidated accounts in Yen? Sage X3 does not constrict any transaction to a particular currency with full reporting, exchange rate control and full Intrastat reporting.

Regulatory compliance

Sage X3 contains native compatibility with requirements from regulatory bodies so that data is automatically gathered and presented in the right way. This functionality can reduce administrative overheads and help your organisation meet its obligations more effectively.

Full audit trail and logging

Full traceability of all transactions from source entry down to journal level is embedded throughout the entire system. This provides not just a log but an auditable trail of all changes.

Sage X3 Distribution benefits

Distributors using Sage X3 can achieve the following business benefits:

  • Financial management: Labour and time savings through the ability to report monthly company financials, along with consolidated financials using the local currency of the organisation’s HQ.
  • Purchasing: The ability to standardise purchasing processes globally, with purchasing managers adhering to standards ensuring the best possible prices and volume discounts from suppliers. Sage X3 also supports a less labour-intensive purchasing process.
  • Sales management: The standardisation of sales processes, allowing account managers worldwide to operate under the same guidelines, using the same sales database. They can review customer activity globally, as well as monitor, manage and adjust discounts.
  • Inventory management: Visibility into the entire inventory for all global sites, as well as the ability to adjust inventory levels.
  • Customer service: Sage X3 functionality provides more visibility into customer service. You can achieve an increase in customer service productivity and satisfaction thanks to changes in the way relationships are managed.
  • Distribution management: Allows a move into a completely automated distribution process at most sites. In the past distribution, analysts may have needed to regularly record production transactions and record physical inventory frequently. With Sage X3 they can access transactions and inventory in real-time and more accurately.

With Sage X3 Distribution you can take ERP for your distribution business to a new level.

Check out our Sage X3 Distribution guide – to gain deeper insights into Sage X3 Distribution.

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