Three key reasons to invest in an ERP system

In our previous blog “Why our customers chose to upgrade Sage X3 or replace their legacy software” we described some of the reasons why struggles with incumbent ERP/Business Management systems or older Sage X3 versions may have created a need to replace/upgrade. However, there is/are usually (an) additional business-critical reason(s) that drive the decision for change.

Reasons to buy ERP graph
Panorama Consulting publishes annual ERP reports* which include the reasons for buying an ERP/Business Management system. These reasons are illustrated by the above graph, which has been put together with data from Panorama Consulting’s annual ERP reports*. Last year’s top reason for buying an ERP system; to replace an old ERP or legacy system has been superseded by the drive to improve business performance.

Our customers’ drivers for change have included many of these reasons:

  • To replace an old or legacy ERP system (Blagden Specialty Chemicals)
    • The driver to replace an old or legacy ERP system is generally that these systems don’t have the required functionality, technology or speed to keep up with changes in a business.
  • To improve business performance (UK Pharma company)
    • An ERP/Business Management system can support improvements in business performance in so many different ways; real-time access to business-critical information, easily manage regulatory compliance, management of business processes in a logical way and much, much more.
  • To make employee jobs easier (Taylor Wimpey Logistics)
    • If you can dispense with duplication, Excel spreadsheets and other issues that take up unnecessary time, then employee jobs are certainly made easier. Could it be the “war for talent” that has increased this reason so much? Having up-to-date systems in place can make a more attractive workplace.

The multitude of business drivers for change that we have come across during our 10 years as a Sage X3 reseller has helped to enrich our know-how. We continue to build on this by really listening to the needs of existing and prospective customers, so we can support them to reach their business goals by using Sage X3.

*Panorama Consulting Solutions 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 ERP Reports

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