Planning for Brexit

Brexit: 5 points for a changing future and Sage X3

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, one thing is clear, change is a certainty. The political and economic impact on how business is done in the UK may necessitate time-consuming and perhaps complex adjustments to current ERP and Business Management Systems. In our whitepaper ‘Planning for Brexit – 5 points for a changing future‘, we give some food for thought to a number of potential issues. In this blog we discuss how Sage X3 can handle these.


Sage X3 provides the ability to manage an unlimited number of complex taxation computations – dealing with VAT in many countries and other forms of ‘sales tax’ in other jurisdictions – this may require the use of a country specific fiscal legislation of which there are a number available for Sage X3.

The calculation of Duty and application of other costs can be automated with Sage X3 – which can enable numerous additional forms of cost to be added per individual order and automated as required based on criteria from within the system: such as product type or shipping destination for instance.

Changing the tax or Duty (or other cost) calculations with Sage X3 is an administrative task ie: not ‘hard coded’ – thus providing excellent flexibility.


Sage X3 gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of currencies, exchange rates and rate types. You can manage transactions in either base or foreign currency, which automatically converts through the system as required.

Sage X3 allows you to either manually enter or import your currencies and exchange rates, giving you the flexibility to explore new markets. Additionally, with the Inixion Exchange Rate Update module for Sage X3, exchange rates are automatically updated daily from the European Central Bank.


Sage X3 allows you to access data in real-time, with interactive worklists and notifications empowering your employees to respond quickly to changing business conditions.


Sage X3 is multi-language, multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-ledger and multi-legislation as standard – available on desktop, tablet and mobile device. Whatever the future direction of your business, Sage X3 gives you the scalability for change.

With the Sage Enterprise Intelligence Business Intelligence module for Sage X3, you can extend the business management system to incorporate information from other business-critical data sources; giving you the opportunity to use all the data available to examine your business and model different future scenarios.

ERP implementation

Should you decide that Sage X3 is of interest to you to support your business in our changing future, then working with an experienced specialist partner like Inixion will help you to complete a successful implementation. Our unique implementation methodology, coupled with our complete focus for over 10 years on Sage X3, has enabled us to deliver customers’ projects on time and within budget.

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