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Our marketing team is constantly busy creating guides and blogs filled with valuable information for individuals considering a new ERP system, in the process of implementing an ERP system, exploring Sage X3 ERP, or planning to upgrade to Sage X3 from another Sage product.

It’s great to see that our top 10 blogs have been read by over 2,000 people this year, and we hope all our readers have found our articles insightful. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights that others have found interesting. Take a look at our top 10 blogs of 2023 here:

1.   Gain full visibility into your manufacturing processes with an ERP system

In light of the current economic uncertainties, inflationary pressures, and high energy prices, manufacturers now have a great opportunity to improve their financial efficiency and increase their profits through their manufacturing processes. One effective approach to achieve this is by implementing an ERP system that provides complete visibility throughout the organisation. This empowers manufacturers to make well-informed decisions and effectively manage risks. Read the full article here: https://inixion.com/protect-your-bottom-line-gain-full-visibility-into-your-manufacturing-processes-with-an-erp-system/

2.   4 horrors of running unsupported ERP software

Organisations are always changing and adapting to the demands of the market, and it’s important for ERP systems to do the same. If they don’t, they won’t be able to support the business processes anymore, and that’s not what an integrated ERP is all about. Check out some of the horrors and specific risks of keeping an out-of-support ERP system: https://inixion.com/4-horrors-of-running-unsupported-erp-software/

3.   Top 8 ERP trends for 2023

Being agile in today’s world relies on various factors, including visibility, interoperability, and connectivity. To achieve these factors, it is crucial for organisations to have a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP industry is continuously evolving to meet the current and future demands of the marketplace. Embracing advanced technologies and digital transformation is the way forward for many businesses. Although this may require additional changes and investments for already stretched businesses, it also presents an opportunity to invest in the future, enabling smoother business processes and reporting based on accurate data. Check out the 8 trends in the full article: https://inixion.com/top-8-erp-trends-for-2023/

4.   Key highlights of Sage X3 Version 12 – time to upgrade?

Sage X3 is the ultimate ERP solution for medium to large organisations. With Sage X3 Version 12, you can effortlessly manage your entire business, from supply chain and sales to aftermarket, all while enjoying a faster, more intuitive, and personalised business management solution. Check out the key highlights of Sage X3 v12 here: https://inixion.com/key-highlights-of-sage-x3-version-12-time-to-upgrade/

5.   Three key reasons to invest in an ERP system

Find out whether your business pains match our customer’s drivers for change! Read the full article here: https://inixion.com/reasons-to-buy-erp-business-management-systems/

6.   ERP software selection

Selecting and implementing a new ERP system can be quite an investment. It’s not just about the software cost; it requires significant resources and time while carrying various risks to your business if not done correctly.

If you or your business have never gone through this process before, it might seem overwhelming. With so many options available in the market, finding the best solution can be a challenge. Check out the key considerations to assist you in your ERP selection process: https://inixion.com/considerations-for-erp-selection/

7.   How the circular economy can transform manufacturing

Discover how manufacturers can break free from the ‘waste management’ mentality and embrace a ‘circular economy’ approach to revolutionise their business for the future: https://inixion.com/how-the-circular-economy-can-transform-manufacturing/

8.   Why upgrade from Sage 500 or Sage 1000 to Sage X3?

Your Sage 500 or 1000 system has undoubtedly brought immense value to your business over the years. However, with the recent announcement from Sage regarding the phased withdrawal of support for Sage 1000, you might be considering an upgrade to Sage X3 and initiating a thorough review of your business’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy. Check out how Sage X3 can support your business going forward: https://inixion.com/why-upgrade-from-sage-500-or-sage-1000-to-sage-x3/

9.   Global Sage X3 implementation – lessons learned

Sage X3 being a global ERP system doesn’t automatically ensure a successful international deployment. Take a look at this blog to discover valuable lessons we’ve learned during Inixion’s global Sage X3 projects: https://inixion.com/global-sage-x3-implementation-lessons-learned/

10.   Sage X3 Mobile Automation FAQs

Sage X3 Mobile Automation is designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution operations by boosting site productivity. Check out a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you gain a better understanding of how Sage X3 Mobile Automation can benefit your business: https://inixion.com/sage-x3-mobile-automation-faqs/

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