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How customers manage change with Sage X3

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Change is a constant and as we explored in our ‘Business in a changing world’ whitepaper, the speed of change has increased over the past decades. This increases the pressure on organisations to manage...

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Are you ready for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

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The pains of ineffective processes and software in business are fairly universally felt, but as each company is unique, there isn't an exact guideline that can be written to determine whether you are ready...

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Global Sage X3 implementation – lessons learned

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The fact that Sage X3 is a truly global ERP system doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful international deployment. In this blog we share some of the lessons we’ve learned during Inixion’s...

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Considerations for ERP selection

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Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is an expensive proposition. A project like this doesn’t just involve the cost of the software but is resource and time hungry and carries multiple risks to...

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What is ERP and why does my business need it?

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Even in these days of tech-driven insights and hybrid working patterns, some businesses are still relying on pen and paper, spreadsheets and filing cabinets for essential corporate processes and information....

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Staff absences don’t have to mean business stops

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After the initial shock of the sudden lockdown in March 2020, followed by supply chain and other challenges and the subsequent need to figure out new ways of working, most business leaders had hoped things...

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Happy Groundhog Day

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For our customers in the UK and the rest of the world, yes, Groundhog Day is a real thing in North America. It’s actually a brilliant example of how something that’s folklore can become famous and...

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The Year Ahead in Business Process: ERP Predictions for 2022

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This time last year, much of the business world was hopeful that 2021 would be a smoother, less fraught year for trading. But then Covid-19 reared its head again, supply chains continued to be hit by issues...

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Visibility across your business drives performance

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Having the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help manage your business in a constantly changing environment; will provide visibility across your business allowing you to make informed...

15 year anniversary burst

From solo venture to Sage X3 powerhouse: celebrating 15 years of Inixion

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As Inixion turns 15, we look back on a decade-and-a-half of gold standard work and glance forward to where the ERP market might be heading. Many years ago, Inixion founder Ian Bromley took a trip to...

Sage 40 anniversary

Sage celebrates 40 years – Inixion team reminisces

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Sage celebrates 40 years of delivering financial and ERP software this year. We asked our team to share their personal memories of Sage. Enjoy reading them and hopefully these memories will trigger some...

John Cullis


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The continued growth of Inixion customers across the UK, USA and Europe and multiple industries highlighted the need for additional Inixion resources, including in our Development team. Having worked...

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