The continued growth of Inixion customers across the UK, USA and Europe and multiple industries highlighted the need for additional Inixion resources, including in our Development team.

Having worked for many years as a programmer on SAP systems, John Cullis has joined the Inixion team as Sage X3 Analyst Programmer, proving that ERP development is a transferable skill. John brings a wealth of experience from working with Enterprise level customer requirements and a great understanding of how an ERP system needs to work for any business.

John commented:

Initially the change was quite a challenge – Sage X3 and SAP work very differently. But fortunately, they both do the same thing; provide functionality (screens, reports, etc) to help users with their work and businesses with visibility and flexibility across multiple processes. It is therefore just a change of thinking. The job, understanding and fulfilling Customer requirements, is the same but now using slightly different tools; with the wider Inixion team supporting.”

David McCallum, Inixion Customer Services Manager, noted:

When we are looking for new members of the team, the right skillset is of course important, but even more so is the right attitude. The Inixion team is very close and the way we look after each other is reflected in the way we look after our customers. John had the right skillset in ERP system development, and we believed he has what it takes to be a valued member of the Inixion team.”

John added:

“Inixion strives to look after their employees and customers well. Everyone I have spoken to has been so friendly and helpful. From my point of view, I am happy I have made the right decision joining Inixion. The change from SAP to Sage X3 has been much easier than I expected; helped immensely by regular meetings and calls with people when I get stuck. Inixion’s job, to help keep customers systems adding value to their businesses as well as their users happy, is something I fully endorse. Inixion is a very friendly and competent team.”

The Inixion ethos, ‘The Inixion Difference’, of being a partner from selection throughout the lifetime of a Sage X3 system, is also at the heart of our team. Teamwork is not just a word; we demonstrate it every day. This enables new team members like John to bring transferable skills, knowledge and thereby enrich our team.

If you want to make a similar move to working with Sage X3, and adding to the Inixion Difference, then get in touch with us. Check out our vacancies page today: