Sage: strong through Brexit and beyond

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The run up to the UK referendum was a time of caution for many businesses and since the result, economic confidence has slipped in some sectors as companies seek to establish what the decision means for them.

Few companies can totally avoid the challenge of changeable economic conditions, and all businesses must of course adapt. Sage, with a strong backbone of pan-global markets aiding its growth and continual commitment to innovation, is a great example. Economic confidence in Sage is evident with the share price rising considerably in recent weeks, tipping 700GBP. This, in part, is due to organic sales growth in North America and other global territories outside of Europe. According to one report, city brokers even expect Sage to report a 7% earnings rise in the current fiscal year – don’t forget, Sage is a UK plc business headquartered in Newcastle.

This same report also mentions one of Inixion’s customers, Avon Rubber, who are avoiding some of the uncertainty of the post-Brexit climate due to the diversity of its portfolio and its strong ties to the US Department of Defence.

Through these changing times, whatever the sector, businesses will need to keep an even tighter grip on their systems management to ensure more sound and accurate decision making. At Inixion, we remain confident of our position as a partner with Sage, and the only one in the UK to specialise solely in Sage X3.

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