Inixion is sponsoring a student of Geography at University of Durham during her research into the impact of environmental change on the Wakatobi reef system in Indonesia.

Corinne Spiller is an experienced diver, who has joined the Operation Wallacea research team in Indonesia on 27th June to study the impact of global warming on the reefs, marine life and ecosystems on the Wakatobi reef system in the waters off the Indonesian island of Hoga.

The Wakatobi Coral Triangle has some of the most ecologically diverse reefs in Indonesia and is so important for its marine life that the region was granted protection as a national park in 1996.

Corinne has 6 years of diving experience and has found the ideal opportunity to combine her passion for diving with her study by joining the research team in Indonesia for 6 weeks. Inixion is proud to sponsor her research as projects like these will help to preserve the global eco-system for the next generation.

The whole Inixion team wish Corinne good luck with her research!