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Browse through our support resources, a selection of guides covering Sage X3, industry trends, ERP checklists and more.

  • COO to COO guide

    The role of the COO in successful ERP selection and implementation.

  • Front cover of the ERP Business Case Guide For Implementing An ERP System

    ERP Business Case

    Blueprint for creating a compelling ERP business case.

  • How to keep your business agile in a changing world guide

    Three ways ERP keeps your business agile in a constantly evolving world.

  • Get ready for the future today with a digital manufacturing operation

    Discover the building blocks to digitally transform your manufacturing operations.

  • Signs it's time to upgrade or replace your ERP system

    Signs it’s time to replace/upgrade your ERP system

    Six case studies on ERP upgrades and replacements.

  • How the circular economy can transform manufacturing guide

    Circular economy for manufacturing guide

    Discover how to unlock the opportunities available from the circular economy.

  • The ultimate ERP system guide for CEOs

    Ian Bromley, CEO at Inixion, discusses the role and involvement of the CEO in ERP projects.

  • Distribution without disruption guide

    A guide to digital transformation for distributors and wholesalers.

  • Have you outgrown your current Sage solution?

    Discover why your next move should be Sage X3 ERP system.

  • Solving supply chain woes ERP system guide

    Solving supply chain woes with an ERP system

    9 ways an ERP system revolutionises supply chain management.

  • A guide to leveraging a specialised Chemical ERP for chemical manufacturing

    Chemical businesses ERP system guide

    Discover how ERP can enable digital transformation in the chemical industry.

  • Selecting the right Sage X3 support partner guide

    Discover what you should look for from a new Sage X3 partner.

  • A guide for Adopting a circular economy in food and beverages

    Adopting a circular economy model in food and beverages

    Discover how an ERP system helps food businesses build a circular economy.

  • 5 ERP lessons learned from global implementations

    Key lessons learned from hundreds of global ERP implementations.

  • CFO 3.0 E-book

    Views of 500 UK CFOs and Senior Accountants on a data-first world.

  • Make UK brochure

    Digitalise to Decarbonise

    Research by Make UK in partnership with Sage on investment in digital technologies in manufacturing.

  • Managing modern finance guide

    Discover the right steps to modernise accounting management systems