Game on – Inixion’s top picks from the Sage Partner Summit 2023

The Sage Partner Summit is one of the most anticipated events on the Sage calendar. Sage hosts an annual gathering designed exclusively for global partners to share innovative updates and intuitive solutions that tackle key customer issues and give partners insight into Sage’s channel strategy and future roadmap.

This year’s summit took place between the 22nd and 24th of May 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. After an impressive return to a face-to-face Summit in Dallas last year, the Inixion team was excited to learn about the latest advances in Sage X3.

Below are some key highlights from this year’s summit from our Inixion quartet in attendance this year – Ian Bromley – Managing Director, Greg Hackney – Sales Director, David Spindler – Senior Consultant and Product Manager and Lindsay Ross – Marketing Manager.

Sage Summit – A meeting of minds

Ian and Greg have been attending the Sage Summit event for over 10 years. It is a bit like a family wedding when partners from across the globe get back together. We’ve known each other for a long time and many are considered friends as well as colleagues. Sage was in attendance in large numbers of course, including members of staff from both the UK and the US. Funny how it takes flying to another city on another continent to arrange meetings with someone from your own country! But of course, that’s what Summit is about – a meeting of minds with that common theme of ‘Sage’.

Sage X3 – Sage’s only true Enterprise solution

As Sage X3 specialists, we were delighted to see a continued focus on strengthening and marketing the Sage X3 product in both the UK and the USA.

Sage has evolved considerably over the years. Yes, there are new products in the portfolio – but there’s a definite order and structure now as older legacy products take their well-earned bow and the core offerings strengthen, grow and find their natural place. It’s very good to see that not only is Sage X3 ‘front and centre’ of the line-up, but Sage is preparing to take their only true ‘Enterprise’ solution to the next level – with enhancements and improvements drawn from both new developments and strategies, but also the new products that have come along.

Far from seeing these new products – and Sage Intacct in particular – as a threat, our view is that the influences and drive to cloud-based technologies from Intacct are strengthening and enhancing Sage X3. This in turn enables more potential for Sage X3 for both existing customers and new alike; for the former to provide for growth, expansion and cost savings and for the latter to ensure that Sage X3 is not just a solid choice based on stable functionality, but also one that comes with the advantages of new technology and futureproofing.

Sage best practice – Upgrading to the latest Sage X3 version

We were pleased that a Summit session this year, on best practices for Sage Partners to deploy when upgrading customers from previous versions of Sage X3 to the latest version, essentially validated the Inixion process that we already follow for upgrades. It closely aligns with what is deemed ‘best practice’ by the Sage Centre of Excellence. Inixion actually shared some of its process steps with other partners at the session, including specific details on managing large customer upgrades where significant levels of data and multiple global legislations are involved – very familiar subjects for our team with the increasingly global reach of many of our Sage X3 customers.

The Sage Network – Extending and enhancing Sage products

Sage is building a series of digital connections between organisations, called the Sage Network, throughout the world to enable automation in Sage applications using AI.

A prime example of the Sage Network is: do we need two copies of the same transaction? A sales invoice in Company A’s system becomes a purchase invoice in Company B’s system. Invariably this invoice, whilst generated from Company A’s system, is probably manually keyed into Company B’s system. The vision of the Sage Network is that this ‘Invoice’ should only exist once and should be referenced by both Company A and Company B’s systems. Therefore, there is only one version of the truth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Extending and enhancing Sage products

Many years ago Sage created ‘SAIL’ – the Sage Artificial Intelligence Lab; Sage recognised, even then, that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was going to play a significant role in the future – an insightful vision given the advances and seemingly daily occurrences of ‘AI’ in the news.

Sage’s work on AI is starting to impact its software solutions in providing insights into data from millions of users. This data is helping to build functionality into their software to deliver real intelligence; for example, analysis of millions of General Ledger entries allows Sage to predict potential erroneous postings that have been made by accountants. Across the Sage landscape of applications where this ground-breaking technology has been implemented, approximately 2,000 incorrect General Ledger postings are being highlighted to the users and subsequently corrected.

This technology is about to be integrated into Sage X3 as well.

Key takeaways

Lastly, the Inixion team was again encouraged by the commitment Sage is showing towards not just their products but also their partners – and thereby their customers. This fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape everyone is faced with, is not throwing up barriers but opportunities. As Sage assists partners to navigate the waters of this change, with the waves of new technology sometimes raging around, the team left Las Vegas with two clear takeaways and one for Greg Hackney:

  1. Sage and the Sage ecosystem represented by Sage themselves and partners around the world is as strong as ever.
  2. The Sage X3 product is growing and will be a significant part of the ongoing future for partners and our customers.
  3. Greg Hackney has got to go back to Las Vegas.

Greg Hackney – footnote for No.3: no, I don’t need to recoup my losses, but I didn’t get to see many things that you need to in Las Vegas – and I want to get out to the Grand Canyon (again), look for my England (cricket) hat, a wild gust of wind whipped off my head while I drove over the Hoover Dam and…well, you never know, I might just try ‘red’ this time rather than black.

To discuss what these updates mean for your organisation and to ensure you capitalise on the latest Sage X3 innovations, contact a member of our team.

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