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Sage Enterprise Management: FFP customer story

“Inixion and FFP are very similar businesses, they understand what their customers want and they deliver it.”

Peter Dundas, FFP

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Let us help assess your needs:

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FFP is the leading British flexible packaging specialist, with clients in the food production industry. Its headquarters are in Northampton, and they provide solutions for market leading, household name brands.

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The story so far:


Although an early version of Sage Enterprise Management, formerly known as Sage X3, was already in place at FFP, it had been installed some 10 years before with little revision since.
The requirement was to move FFP to as vanilla an implementation of Sage Enterprise Management as was possible whilst still retaining and improving their use of Sage Enterprise Management. Additionally, the move to Microsoft SQL database was key as well as to implement many new features and functionality.

Project challenges

  • The original implementation of Sage Enterprise Management was incredibly convoluted due to the plethora of modifications made; over 300 were found on scoping. As FFP wanted as ‘vanilla’ a version as possible, these all had to be cleared and many reports were rewritten.
  • Rather than fixing minor issues with FFP/ Sage Enterprise Management interfaces over the years, it had been easier to circumnavigate them.
  • Units of measurement used had changed over time from reels & linear metres to kilogrammes. These measures were fundamental to how a new system would work.
  • FFP have little repeat business product by product, and the packaging is unique to a particular job.
  • The customer is very reliant on Excel® to extract data from Sage Enterprise Management and provide the business with its management information. As such, that element needed to be retained.

The solution

With Sage Enterprise Management already in place (albeit a hugely modified version), an upgrade to the latest version seemed the advantageous and obvious choice.
So, the latest version was chosen and Inixion selected as the partner to implement it. Inixion provided interfaces to ensure that relevant data from external systems was fed into Sage Enterprise Management, thus enabling consolidated reporting with Sage Enterprise Management data.


As employees were already used to Sage Enterprise Management, there was not a huge need for training and users were mostly able to continue with everyday processes.
Compared to the previous convoluted installation and the plethora of additional Excel® sheets outside of Sage Enterprise Management, there have been some significant improvements including:

  • There are now only 6 modifications to the software.
  • All data is now secure within Sage Enterprise Management due to the interfaces.
  • All accounts are now reconciled within one system.