We provide a range of training options for Sage X3 to ensure comprehensive knowledge and effective utilisation of the system. These training offerings include various options tailored to specific business needs.

We follow a “Train the Trainer” approach, which adds value and expedites user adoption of the Sage X3 solution. By appointing super users within your organisation, we provide them with comprehensive training encompassing all aspects of the system, ranging from administrator level to user level. These empowered super users then possess the knowledge and expertise to train their colleagues at the user level, ensuring a tailored training experience that focuses on individual needs. This ensures that knowledge is effectively disseminated throughout the organisation.

In addition, Inixion offers on-demand training for both new and existing users of Sage X3. This training can be conducted remotely or through face-to-face sessions, depending on the preference and requirements of the organisation. This training aims to increase user confidence, familiarise them with newly implemented or reconfigured processes, and ultimately enhance productivity and the quality of output.

In addition to implementation project training and ongoing training packages, our training solutions are designed to align with the specific needs of businesses, ensuring that organisations receive tailored training that addresses their unique requirements. With our comprehensive training offerings, we strive to enable businesses to optimise their usage of Sage X3 and maximize the benefits derived from the system.