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Inventory Management Excellence with Sage X3 

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Learn the business value and product capabilities of Sage X3 for inventory management. Our Team of experts will demonstrate the key inventory management capabilities and how to optimise inventory with Sage X3.

In the last few years, the world has witnessed inventory and supply chain challenges, demonstrating the fragility of inventory practices across the globe. This has been the catalyst for adopting inventory-specific Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solutions, such as Sage X3.

Sage X3 gives organisations the ability to improve decision-making by providing accurate inventory data from a singular system. Organisations can automate the necessary functions so that stock purchasing, organising and transferring stock are in sync.

About this event 

Our team of Sage X3 experts will demonstrate the power of Sage X3 in optimising and managing inventory within your business, in areas such as:

  • Managing global inventory
  • Measuring and analysing levels of inventory
  • Mobile automation in the warehouse

Our experts will discuss ways to overcome the challenges of managing inventory, automating repeatable processes and keeping goods flowing in a predictable and manageable way. We will bring Sage X3 to life with business examples and show how to ensure successful ERP implementation with our proven methodologies.

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