Employee Spotlight | Dan Knight – Solution Sales Specialist

This month we’re putting Dan Knight in the spotlight. Dan joined us in July as our new Solutions Sales Specialist. We’d like to welcome Dan to the ‘Inixion family’ and take the opportunity to find out a bit more about our latest addition.

You recently started with Inixion as our new Solution Sales Specialist. What convinced you to move to Inixion?

I’ve spent a lot of my career working for large corporate businesses. I felt that to stand out in the crowd, I needed to work for an agile company, that delivers on the promise and is a natural problem solver. I feel the Sage X3 consultants and their experience are a strength to Inixion and our customers seem to love us.

How did you ‘get into’ Sage X3?

I’ve not had much experience with Sage X3 yet, due to me just starting with Inixion, however, I’ve seen the powerful impact it can have on streamlining complex operations. For businesses ready to consider a new ERP rollout or switch, there are clear and tangible returns from Sage X3 ERP which are being proven repeatedly.

What led you to work in sales?

From the age of 16, I worked full-time in a call centre. I developed a range of sales skills over several years, in what can be an incredibly challenging environment. To take up to 70-80 calls a day from people you have never spoken to before gives you some unique skills. I learnt to listen, reflect and summarise early on in my career.

These are great skills to take into a sales role, as you spend more time listening and caring for the person’s problems than you do leading with the company’s objectives. I learnt to observe, make recommendations when knowing all the facts and be kind and supportive; always mindful that this may be a person’s first project of this nature.

I’ve always had a passion for great customer service which I know the team at Inixion can also deliver – both pre- and post-go live.

What do you think will be the hardest and best parts of your job?

In simple terms, the resilience and tenacity required in sales are often the most challenging and rewarding at the same time. I think the challenge is always people’s time. Finding the right people at the right time and letting them know we are here. For me, the best part of the role will be to bring a new customer over to Inixion that didn’t know about us previously.

What does a typical day at Inixion look like for you?

For now, it is learning as much as possible. Seeking out all available information, like how a customer would take their first steps to learn more about Inixion, Sage X3 or ERP in general. I aim to become an expert, using the team here to arm me with any information my future customers may require.

Typically, I will spend around half a day looking for new projects and the other half following up on enquiries and sharing some of our amazing content with prospects.

In addition, I understand most manufacturers are proud of their operation and like to show you around their plant and operations, so I am looking forward to my first few site visits.

At Inixion we talk about ‘Making your business our business’, have you had any experience with that yet?

Yes, from an employee point of view, the whole team is really engaged and makes you feel valued. The available customer stories and the feedback shared within the team regularly only confirm this is also the case for our customers.

What do you think makes Inixion stand out from its competitors?

The team: What stood out straight away during the interview process was the people who make up Inixion. Sage is a popular software provider and customers have a lot of choice within the marketplace. It was reassuring to see most employees have a long length of service and bags of experience with a wide variety of projects, customer types and countries! Customers are in safe hands with the entire team, from sales to project consultants to support.

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