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Sage X3 supports revenue growth of more than 200%

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TXO, one of the world’s leading providers of used multi-vendor telecom parts and asset recovery services, connects to its customers with Sage X3

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A separate business-critical system hampered client relationships and sales

TXO implemented Sage X3 throughout its finance, inventory, sales and purchasing functions in 2011. However, their ‘Asset Recovery Opportunity Management’ process was managed by a separate piece of software, which wasn’t integrated with Sage X3 and therefore hampered visibility across its sales operation. TXO’s Asset Recovery solution forms a significant part of its total telecoms service and it was crucial for TXO to closely manage its client relationships, pipeline and sales to enable long-term partnerships to be forged.

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One single solution for ERP and CRM across the business

TXO wanted one single solution for its ERP and CRM requirements to ensure visibility across the business. A unique Asset Recovery Opportunity database was required as part of the solution, along with a historic record of all “offers” that had been made to its partners. Using the extensive configuration options within Sage X3 Inixion created the new Asset Recovery database.

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Complete data accuracy and visibility

Inixion worked closely with TXO and its Asset Recovery team to configure the Sage X3 CRM module to fully support the relationship and opportunity management requirements of the Asset Recovery team. The solution was designed to solve several specific challenges that needed to be addressed. An ‘Offers’ database was built within Sage X3 and linked to the CRM Opportunity function, ensuring that all data for a given opportunity was held within a single screen. Controls were put in place to ensure that users entering the data for each record completed the correct fields based on the status of an Opportunity. This was very important for ongoing data accuracy and pipeline management. A suite of Sage X3 Worklists was defined to ensure that Users, Teams and Management keep control of their actions, and can view their active Opportunities at a glance.

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Sage X3 supports revenue growth of more than 200%

Speed was of the essence. TXO Systems wanted to go live with the Asset Recovery Sage X3 CRM solution just 6 weeks after Inixion was engaged on the project. The deadline was met. The Project Review team confirmed that over 95% of the original requirements were met in this short timescale. Since the implementation of the ERP solution, Sage X3 has supported TXO’s revenue growth of more than 200%.


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